First month and mini blog update!

Hiya everyone,

I figured I’d make a mini celebratory post about finishing my first month blogging!

‘Princess Jellyfish’

I’ve had so much fun over the last month thinking and writing up posts, but mostly with talking to you guys and reading your posts and opinions! Thank you to everyone who’s read my posts and supported me. A really big thank you to Matthew and Takuto who helped me a lot when I first started out!  It’s been such a fantastic fun experience.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been on mid-semester break, so I’ve been trying to post daily (I think I only skipped 2 days!). However I just started back at Uni yesterday, since it’s the second half of the semester it’s going to be a bit intense with exams and assignments, so I may not be able to post as often. I’ll try to post every 3 days minimum!

However, from around late October, and the first 12 days of November I may go a bit AWOL as that’s the ridiculously busy period and I’ll be preparing for my exams and final assignments. Haha that wonderful moment when your 21st birthday is the second day of exams 😥

Anyway hope you’ve enjoyed the posts I’ve been doing for the last month. If you have any suggestions – or anything you’d like to see more of, let me know down in the comments or shoot me an email (you can find my address in the about section).

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