Nanbaka Review (Episodes 2-4): Glitter & Sparkles Everywhere


9 thoughts on “Nanbaka Review (Episodes 2-4): Glitter & Sparkles Everywhere

  1. Yeah! This last episode really took a turn in the series and definitely made me more curious. Hajime is my favorite character, but Momoko being super serious and then gleeking out is also really funny. I facepalm and keep watching.

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  2. This sounds interesting… I’m not a fan of slice-of-lifes, an this sounds like a prison-based one, but your hopes for episode 4 cementing a greater plot in further episodes makes me more eager to check this one out. The animation looks good too.

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      1. I started watching Nanbaka a few days ago, and I’m really enjoying it! I’m up to episode 7 now… the slapstick comedy has been funny too. Thinking about it, I suppose I like that sort of humor. I hope you’re enjoying the anime and all its quirks! There’s a season 2 coming out in January 2017, so fingers crossed for a good series. 😀

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      2. Ooh same, I just finished episode 8 a few days ago, have a review on the last 4 episodes coming out in a few days. The humour is pretty funny, and I love all the characters. Ooh yay!! I hope in season 2, Hajime and the warden get together ;3

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