One Punch Man – One Hit Is All It Takes

When ‘One Punch Man’ the webcomic came out in 2009, it was instantly a viral hit. Just 3 years later it was remade into a manga series in Shonen Jump and another 3 years after that an anime. The series follows ‘Saitama’ a man who “is a superhero for fun”. After saving a young boy from a crab monster he trains himself to the point of becoming bald. Ultimately becoming the world’s strongest, and most overpowered, superhero – defeating evil in just one hit! The series follows him in his quest to find someone he can battle properly, joining the Hero’s Association and attempting to train his loyal disciple, Genos.

What Makes One Punch Man So Good

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Every anime fan has heard of the ‘The Big 3’, and in fact many debate what the Big 3 are. You can read a run down of what I think ‘The Big 3’ are and their features here. But what makes ‘One Punch Man’ so interesting is how different it is to these ‘Big’ manga. It’s a parody of them, in each of the ‘Big 3’ series the MC is always overpowered and he may struggle a bit, but always comes out on top. But in ‘One Punch Man’ Saitama is just as overpowered and hates it, he’s missing out on the ’emotional’ aspects of the fight. The struggle and adrenaline, the sweet backstory (which can go on forever), the fight is ended quickly. There’s also the fact that Saitama hates small talk, while in many other series character’s will openly say their plans or backstory, Saitama asks everyone to summarise it in “20 words or less”. It’s the humour of One Punch Man that makes it special, a series that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Manga Vs. Anime

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Every time I’ve read a manga and then watched the anime, I’ve always preferred the manga. But surprisingly for ‘One Punch Man’, I really adored the anime. I found the manga, while still quite good, to just be a quick mash of battle scenes and wit. Whereas the anime managed to draw a lot more of character development out. In the anime Saitama’s journey as a hero is clear – he does it because he wants to. He doesn’t care about what the people around him think. But in the manga this was a little bit lost in the constant jokes about him destroying monsters in one punch.

Final Thoughts

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Overall I really did enjoy ‘One Punch Man’, even more so than I enjoyed ‘Mob Psycho’! The series has the right balance of humour and action to make it a great watch. I’m interested in how Saitama’s character will develop in season 2. I’m not completely sold that I can go through another season of Saitama destroying everything in a single punch. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of shonen anime, at only 12 episodes long, it’s worth the watch!

8 thoughts on “One Punch Man – One Hit Is All It Takes

  1. The series is great! I must admit, though, that I’ve only read the manga. Since the anime has earned your glowing appreciation, however, I should give the anime a whirl, too!

    (Who’s your favorite character? I’m a fan of Licenseless Rider. He’ll always be a true hero to me even though he’s a weak class C hero)

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    1. Hehe thank you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

      Ooh that’s so hard cause I actually really like all the characters. Licenseless Rider is a true hero amongst heroes, he gets a lot of screen time in the anime 🙂 I LOVE ‘speed of sound sonic’ (or whatever his name is) and King. It was strange cause in the manga I didn’t really like Tatsumaki, but I adored her in the anime, I just wanted to squeeze her cheeks (even though she’d hurl a meteor at me if I did)

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      1. Haha thanks!
        Yeaaaah they’re all great. A hero of heroes!
        Oh, crap, I can’t remember his name off the top of the dome piece, either, but he’s also great. Are his poor reproductive organs still functional??
        Kong’s heartbeat, oh my God. The doom engine!
        Yeah she came across as a super mean person in the manga, but what I’ve seen and heard of her makes me feel the same way as you do in regards to her. A meteor sounds like a fair price to pay if you can squeeze those cheeks!


      2. LMFAO I hope they are, the poor sweet ninja. It was strange cause in the manga her sister (Blizzard or something?) got a lot more time, but she just appeared for like 5 seconds in the anime. I’m not too fussed about it though, I didn’t like her too much 😛

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      3. N-nothing a little ice can’t heal, right? His pride is another thing altogether, though, haha…
        Yeah, I think her name was Blizzard. Her proportions were very distracting, but man, was she stuck up…like her sister. But it’s amazing how we can overlook someone’s arrogant attitude if she’s an adorable petite girl. Sorry, Blizzard, you’re outta luck unlike your sis~

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