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Kabedon: Never Wanna Let You Go Endings & Review

Kabedon PLay.pngKABEDON – Never Wanna Let You Go is a casual tapping game made by Cats Apps. The game follows a young boy named ‘Don’ whose childhood best friend has a dream of being ‘kabedonned’. He wants to fulfil his wish, and in doing so, make her fall for him. The game has a very similar gameplay to ‘My Cutie Devil‘, you click on the ‘girls’ around you to gain points, ‘love letters’ which are refreshed each hour give you extra points. Each ‘level up’ introduces a new picture, and a different type of Kabedon. Some of the kabedons are really imaginative, my favourite were definitely the ‘cicada-don’ and the ‘wall-don’.

Overall I quite enjoyed the game as something casual to play on the train or when I’m bored. The story wasn’t that great, and there were some grammatical issues, but the images were really funny. The only other issue I found was the ‘watch the video to get an item’ button never worked! So I took a lot longer playing this game, simply because I couldn’t get any bonuses. It’s worth a shot if you enjoy these kind of casual games, but for otome players who really enjoy story and character development – give this one a miss.

Once you get the ‘light-don’ stage, you can choose one of three endings – ‘what is her favourite Kabedon?’. Once you get through all three endings you also receive a special image. Below are the 3 endings!

Show My Manly Side – Poseidon

Kabedon Poseidon.png

You’ve become the god of the sea, truly a man amongst men! You end up going a little bit overboard showing how strong you are. The entire school is flooded, but your love helps you clean up. Together you mop the school and have a sweet ending.

I ‘Shoot’ Her Down – PterandonKabedon Ending Pteranodon.png

You’re the one who knows your love the best! Before she wanted someone to ‘Kabedon’ her, she wanted to become a dinosaur. So that’s exactly what you’ll become, a Pterandon! She smiles at you, saying how silly you are, and together you have a lovely ending!

Show My Passion – Udon!

You get a little too into showing your passion, and end up throwing a bowl of Udon into your beloved’s face! She’s definitely not happy, and never talks to you again!

Kabedon Udon.png

Special Image!

As I mentioned above, after you finish all the endings, you get a special ‘end’. Essentially it just says how happy you’ve made your childhood friend, and you get together. You realise that the Kabedon she loves the best, is the normal one!  It’s very sweet ^^

I hope you guys enjoyed this write up! Let me know if there’s any games you would like me to play through, or if you have any recommendations. Till next time 🙂

Kabedon Speical image.png

9 thoughts on “Kabedon: Never Wanna Let You Go Endings & Review

  1. It’s surprising to see someone talk about this. I saw this game in the Google Play Store a couple months ago, thinking it was an otome game, so when I opened it up I was genuinely confused just gave up. At least now I know what it actually is.

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  2. And here I thought kabedons had been done to death. I snorted while reading this review. The images looks hilarious.

    I think I’m going to have to check Kabedon: Never Wanna Let You Go out for that special image.

    Thanks for sharing!

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      1. I want to do that!! That right there what you said. lol I’m looking at Artic Fox and Pravana, I want to go either pastel purple, or pastel pink. My hair is super thick, red, and curly, so I’d have to bleach it. I wish I knew how to post pictures in the comments. I don’t remember the code to do that!


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