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Reverse Tale of Genji Romance – Aoi Route & Walkthrough

I hope everyone had a really lovely festive season ^^!

It’s finally here! I’m so sorry it took me so long to write this one up. I got really sick of saving up tickets through Tap Joy, so I ended up just storing the 3 free tickets given daily. This route takes 46 story tickets + 1 ending ticket. To read the prologue click over here! You can also find the guides for the other routes down below 🙂

 Rokujo —– Murasaki —– Akashi

Now that’s I’ve played through all the routes, I recommend doing Aoi’s route first, then Rokujo, then Murasaki and then Akashi. Mainly because Chujo is pretty awful in the last 2 routes, you won’t enjoy the first two if you know how horrible she is in them.


  • So what?
  • That doesn’t make me happy though
  • Thank you very much
  • I don’t drink much, so I don’t know
  • That’s very kind of you, but…
  • I apologise on behalf of Aoi
  • Don’t you hate me?
  • Help me, Aoi
  • I will
  • I stare at Aoi
  • I will protect Aoi
  • Where did this scent bag come from?
  • I hold his hand
  • This is the same scent as Rokujo’s…
  • I want to check the connection between them
  • Can’t you help Aoi?
  • I can’t let you be killed!!
  • I’m counting on you, Akashi
  • We don’t think that you are ugly
  • You will find someone nice soon
  • Thanks, Murasaki, but Aoi is very nice
  • I’m happy that you are my fiancé

What Happens

After your initial meeting with Aoi you decide to head back over to see him. He’s not too impressed by your efforts, seeing it as an insult. Like you are trying to suck up to him even though you don’t care for him that much. Aoi is even able to tell that you have an unrequited love for your Stepfather. You leave in a huff, and tell Chujo what has happened. Later you end up bumping into Rokujo with Aoi, and that’s the start of the heated love triangle! You begin preparing yourself to head to the annual festival.

Reverse Tale of Genji Aoi.png

Aoi Rokujo Reverse Tale of Genju.png

Rokujo has promised to take you home after the festival. However, his cart is damaged by Aoi’s cart. Chujo suggests that she takes Rokujo home, while Aoi takes you home. A few days after the festival your maids come and get you in a rush. You find Aoi and Rokujo arguing in a room. Rokujo is asking for Aoi to withdraw his engagement to you, as payment for damaging his cart. Which, I gotta be honest, I found REALLY offensive. Aoi refuses, and they continue arguing. You say that the engagement continues to honour your stepfather and Rokujo happily heads over to chat to him.

Aoi Reverse Tale of Genji Festival.png

Aoi Reverse Tale of Genji.png

Rokujo increasingly becomes enamoured with you. He visits you, and gives you a bunch of expensive gifts. He even tries to pull some moves on you, but Aoi arrives just in time. You later hear from Chujo that Rokujo has become sick, Chujo encourages you to take Aoi with you when you visit Rokujo. When you come back, your step father tells you of sightings of a phantom. He encourages Aoi to stay over and live together, to protect you. That night it becomes apparent that the phantom is after Aoi. You rush to protect him, but the phantom disappears. All that is left is the smell of Gardenias. The same smell that Rokujo loves.

Aoi Reverse Tale of Genji visit Rokujo.png

Aoi Nightmare Tale of Genji.png

Akashi and Muraskai help you and Aoi visit Rokujo. Akashi’s biwa skills allow him to exorcise spirits. You visit his house together, and the spirit attacks you both. Akashi manages to subdue the spirit, and Rokujo returns to normal. He decides to move away from you for the time being. His love for you has created the spirit, intent of destroying Aoi.

Jatai Reverse Genji Romance.png

Rokujo .png

Aoi and you have grown significantly closer. Murasaki is still a little protective of you, but you assure him that Aoi has treated you well. Aoi and you are called to talk to your Stepfather about your engagement. On the way you confess your feelings to Aoi, and he returns them. He sees you as his equal and has fallen in love with you.


Aoi confession.png

In the final chapter you and Aoi get married. This is probably the only route where MC didn’t have sex with the guy. Which is a shame cause Aoi is so damn hot. But I gotta admit, compared to the other special images, this one is my favourite. There’s something kind of…elegant about it.

Aoi special image Reverse Genji Romance .png

Final Thoughts

Overall I really did enjoy Aoi’s route, although Rokujo’s route is still my favourite. If you are looking to play the game, I reckon you only need to play those two routes. You can definitely skip Akashi’s and only do Murasaki’s if you really want to. The images and music are pretty good. But one thing that did irk me in ALL the route was the really bad spelling and grammar. At times character’s names would change spelling, and other times it was just lazy formatting. For example a few times in Aoi’s route, they didn’t do the coding to include your name, so for example Aoi might say “Hello [name]” rather than “Hello Steph”.

I really hope you enjoyed my write ups of this game. Again, I’m really sorry this one took a while! Also, I’ve added a poll to my website, please vote, and if you have any recommendation leave them in the comments.

Till next time ~



22 thoughts on “Reverse Tale of Genji Romance – Aoi Route & Walkthrough

  1. Thanks for going through all the routes! It was great seeing your thoughts on them.

    …cancel your engagement as payment for a damaged cart? There are some very messed up implications there.

    It’s too bad there were no steamy sex scenes, but that last picture does look very pretty and majestic.

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      1. Should have pulled out your MasterCard and whispered that you’re priceless! Oh, well, we all have our flawed moments ;_;
        You’re very welcome! It was fun to read your thoughts on the routes. I’m looking forward to your next series!

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  2. I love the art in this game. Your walkthrough is super helpful, but for some reason I got the “Good” end without the cgi when I followed it? I’ll try altering a few of my choices since I really want the cgi end ;-;

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    1. Ok so I am legit so confused. I just bought the route and played through it 5 times, first went through my answers, then do a combination on the 4 other times. And the cg is just not showing up! I’m convinced it might an issue on Genius Inc’s end. I can send them an email if you’d like?


      1. If you’d like to, then I wouldn’t be opposed. I just tried Rokujo’s route as well (using the walkthrough in the Update section) but still no cigar… err cg x) I’ve tried altering a few choices here and there in Aoi’s route, but no luck thus far.

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      2. Thanks for that. 🙂 I’ve noticed this happening with other Genius games before (true routes suddenly changing or breaking for some reason). I hope they fix this one though. Thanks again for replying so soon! xD


      3. This is so odd, I played through Aoi’s route a few more times last night and still couldn’t get a CG! I just sent Genius Inc an email explaining the situation, I’ll let you know when/ if they respond 🙂

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    2. Hiya! So It’s been a week since I sent the email and no response. I also messaged them on twitter and instagram and no response. I’ve added a disclaimer to all my Reverse Genji posts and encouraged people to message Genius.Hopefully if enough people bother them about it, they’ll fix it up 🙂

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