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Luke Estheim – Shall We Date? Lost Alice+ ‘Catch Em All’ Stories

The new ‘Shall We Date’ game takes place in Wonderland, you can choose to go on a romantic journey with the Hatter, the Joker and even the Cheshire Cat. Besides the main route, the game also has a separate story feature. Players play a ‘game’ and collect story book icons, you’re then given a chance to ‘randomly’ win a sweet short side story of each character. Since the ‘catch em all’ game can get really frustrating and the ‘chance’ to win the story can be quite low. I thought I would make a post with all the short stories you can get. I’ll continue to add on to this each time I get a new one, if anyone has something I don’t, please let me know in the comments 🙂

You can check out my first impression of the game here. Walkthrough and route summaries will be coming soon!

To check out the route guides click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker   |   Owen   |   Sidd  |  Chronus  |   Ace  |   Neil  |

If you want to read the ‘catch em all’ stories click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker    |   Owen

Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

Animal Ears

Pretty please, Luke!

Matching Alice

Luke Lost Alice Matching Alice.png

You and Luke are heading through the Paradise of Roses. It’s then that you notice that Luke wears a lot of roses, he tells you that he does it so that you guys are matching. Suddenly the Duchess appears, showing her blue roses, so she too matches with you! The the Queen of Hearts appears with her abundance of red roses – turns out you match everyone!

Pink Heart Lemonade for Two

Sweets Aplenty

Recipe for Love

Good Work, Alice

Someone to Rely on

Luke Lost Alice Someone to rely on.png

You and Luke are walking through Wonderland at night. You’re a little scared when suddenly Al appears! You freak out and grab Luke’s hand, you apologise but Luke doesn’t mind. You have a romantic moment while Al stands there as the third wheel.

A World of Their Own

On My Own

Luke Lost Alice On My Own.png

This one is a little more based on the main story than the others. You are exploring the chess kingdom with Luke when Owen appears. Luke gets protective, and tells Owen he won’t hand you over. Owen comments that the Hatter is enamoured with you, which is fine, as long as he doesn’t do anything. You notice there is a weird tension between the two, and decide to find out what it is on your own.

Days Together

Alice in Crisis

Luke Lost Alice Alice in Crisis.png

You’re heading through the town when a group of men start to bother you. They grab your wrist but Luke comes to the rescue and scares them off. He gets upset that they’ve hurt you, but you tell him that he came in like a knight. You both continue your shopping, hand in hand.

Sugar Rose


In ‘Sugar Rose’ you and Luke go through a garden and come across some sugar roses. Since they melt when there’s heat, Luke feeds them to you, as he’s wearing gloves. He then promises that he’ll get some for the next tea party and will feed you then as well.

Prank Rafflesia


Luke Lost Alice Possessiveness.png

The story opens with you talking to Luke about having fun with the Joker. Luke gets jealous and you tease him a little bit. He gives you a kiss, but warns you that next time you talk about another man, just a kiss won’t satisfy him! Also ooh the Hatter without his hat!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading these! As  I mentioned above, it’s a work in progress. If you have any shorts that aren’t listed above, please let me know what they are so I can add them ^^! 

24 thoughts on “Luke Estheim – Shall We Date? Lost Alice+ ‘Catch Em All’ Stories

      1. Eh, it’s ok. After playing Alice you probably won’t find it that fun. The first few characters have some pretty good storylines, but you can tell they were reaching with the ones they added after that. They have events all the time though, with limited time prizes, which is annoying because you never have time to build currency.

        My wife introduced me to it. I’ve never played an otome game before or since, and TBH I’m not sure why I’m still playing this one. That Rupert though 😛


  1. question.. how do i see those stories in catch them all? yeah, i’m a beginner.. first time to try a, sorry for my lack of term- “sim” game like this, out of curiosity and coz i just love anime… i chose alice coz in anime they always sorta do an “alice-related” episode.. and the first hottie to pop out was joker and then i was-BOOM! TOTALLY HOOKED! i actually screamed KYAAAAAAAAA!!! but Luke’s my guy.. i love the gentlemanly, protective nature.. *dreamy sigh* .. well, anyway, sorry to have bored you with that, it’s just that, im sooo excited and giddy and i don’t have other friends in my list to talk about this.. no ones playing this game.. i “hacked my sister’s account just so i can have someone send me gifts (yaeh i do it myself, not her).. so i got no one to talk to.. so, im really sorry for this long post.. anyway, back to my request.. i got lots of stories from catch them all, but i dont know where or how to use/read them.. please help..

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    1. Hiya! So after you accept the story from your present box go to ‘status’ (top left hand corner) then click the arrow and you’ll come to the screen with your bae and your progress. At the bottom click ‘album’, then click whichever bae whose story you want to read. A screen will pop up with ‘photo’ and ‘story’. Click on ‘story’, on the left hand side there will be ‘main story’, ‘event’ and ‘catch’em ALL’. Click on the last option 🙂 Hope that helps!

      Also it’s always really exciting to find people who enjoy the same things as you 😀 :D! Hehe Luke is my kind of guy too, but I’m really looking forward to when Sidd is released. It’s like my ‘guilty pleasure’ kind of guy 😛


  2. Hey, I have only a little bit of these, too…but not a lot cause I was so busy with other games Cause I have all the ones you had plus these…Anyway…I have the following:

    Animal Ears

    1) At Luke’s tea party, you tell Luke how cute he’d be if he had animal ears like Sidd or Kyle. Now going all out to beat them, he takes upon your request. Your enthusiasm brings up your love for koala ears, but he wants the nose, too!

    Pretty Please, Luke!

    2) When TweedleDee and TweedleDum ask Luke to take off his hat to show them the flowers Joker said were growing on his head, he dies, but robs the poor children of their dreams, Cute, ammiright, but now…he’s just The “Er” without his hat.

    Sweets Aplenty

    3) When your at Luke’s tea party, he tells you that you may have any or even all of the sweets if you’d like. You decide on having the “Eat Me Cookies” but they run away before you grip them and you trip/fall into Luke’s arms. He teases you about how you have “I want all the treats” written all over you face.

    Prank Rafflesia

    4) You are tending the garden with Luke when you notice a strange flower in bloom. It blooms and wraps a vine around your ankle and flips you upside down, Luke casts a spell on it to let you go, and you fall head-first to the ground. But before you crash, Luke lowers you down into his arms with a spell. He tells you he could carry you off to bed like this and you blush, but he was thinking different and teases you about it,

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