2016 In Review – Anime, Manga, Otome and Life

I can’t believe another year as passed. This time, last year, my blog was only a few months old. I was a very different person to who I am now, maybe a little more hopefully and naive. I thought I might do a summary of everything that happened in the last year – personal, anime and blog related.


The Bad


  • I suffered through a semester of Sociology, and every Tuesday afternoon had to listen to some crazy student say the most vile things about different minority groups. I argued back with him a few times, but honestly it wasn’t worst the effort.
  • My group of University friends ended up breaking apart, and I only talk to 2 of them now, because of one girl’s stupidity.
  • I had a massive break down for about 2 weeks when my University admin screwed up my graduation documents and said I couldn’t graduate.
  • My GPA got screwed up because I had changed degrees, my GPA reset and was based on that one sociology subject. Instead of having a perfect GPA of 4/4, my GPA was 3.5/4. I worked so hard during university, and then I’m left with a GPA like that, because of some stupid admin rule.
  • I joined OK Cupid and got a bunch of creepy awful messages, including one guy saying that I was a ‘feminist bitch’ and another guy who made a fake account to harass me after I stopped replying to his messages
  • I went on 2 dates and they were not the best – first guy made me pay for everything (I don’t mind paying for my share, but his!?) and the other guy was 1.5 hours late.

The Good


  • I graduated University!
  • I went to South Korea and Europe – I had to work 2 jobs to save up all the money and work my ass off for a scholarship, but I did it!
  • While in Korea I met a really lovely girl who I consider one of my best friends
  • A random thing – but my male co-worker was getting 3 times as many hours as I was. I was really proud of myself that I pointed it out to my boss, and from then on hours and pay became more equal
  • I got my lovely kitten, Merry!
  • I started my dream of writing a novel, I’m at nearly 45,000 words! Even if I don’t publish it, it’s something I will always be proud of
  • I got accepted to two universities for masters, one is considered my country’s top University. But I’ll be going to the other one, since the fees are too high ;_;
  • I found an apartment in Melbourne to live in!


I am so happy to be part of ‘OWLS’, I’ll be joining their blog tour in Feb, but for January please keep a look out for all the wonderful posts which will be going out! The theme is ‘Disruptors’. You can find out the information on the upcoming posts below, so please check out those posts! To find out more on OWLS, and to join please click here. 


We are a group of otaku bloggers who promotes acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability. We emphasize the importance of respect, kindness, and tolerance to every human being.

“To disrupt” has a negative denotation, but rather than looking at the verb in a negative light, we are going to use the verb in a positive way. It’s like the word, “protest” which has positive and negative connotations depending on the perspective of the person.
Disruptors: An individual or a group disturbing a system or social norms/conventions that they believe is destroying what is morally right.
“Disruptors” Blog Tour Schedule- January
2: Matthew Castillo (Matt-in-the-Hat)
6: Katrina Sade (Grimmgirl)
9: Venus (Japanime Talks)
13: Arria Cross (Fujinsei)
20: crimson613 (Crimson Blogs at Night)
25: Pink-chan (Pinky’s Palace)

Travel Blog

Mid way through the year I realised I really did enjoy writing posts about food and travel. However they didn’t really fit into this blog, and the direction I wanted to take KuroSamaReviews. I also happened to have another cat, so I decided to create a seperate travel blog dedicated to her. You can check it out over here! I try to keep it updated pretty regularly, but it depends on whether I’m feeling up to getting out of the house.

Random Achievements

  • I hit over 200 WP followers – thank you!
  • Best views was 259 on December 28
  • Managed to write 13 blog posts all released on Halloween!
  • Best month was December, were I had over 2500 visitors
  • I had a truly amazing time working with Loot Crate on ‘My Dream Loot Crate’ post

Plans for 2017

  • I’m going to try to write at least 3 blog posts per week
  • Continue my guide to Boys Love, I really enjoyed writing these posts but kept forgetting to write new ones! I want to write a post on Shounen Ai manga, Yaoi, and then maybe continue doing manga and anime reviews on BL series.
  • Keep going with my Otome reviews, I really got into Otome games this year, so I’m hoping I’ll continue my walkthroughs and first impressions

If there’s anything you’d like to see on here, please comment below or vote on the poll on the right –> 

Thank You!

Finally I just wanted to thank each and every one of you, my lovely readers. You’re comments and messages are what keeps me going. I’d also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the following bloggers;

From motivating me to blog, to studying Japanese to just being there to chat – I really appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you for being such amazing people!

I hope you all have a truly wonderful 2017. Till next time~

17 thoughts on “2016 In Review – Anime, Manga, Otome and Life

  1. Aaaaw. You’re so sweet to give me a shout-out. I’m also very excited that you decided to join OWLS. Thanks for sharing about our January blog tour. And let’s have fun on our Feb tour, shall we? The topic will be amazing!!!!!!! Well, we don’t have one yet, but we know which anime we’re all going to write about and I’m freaking out in sheer happiness. Ehe😉

    Oh wow. You had a tough year, but you survived so well done. Congrats on graduating. And congrats on reaching all those blogging milestones. Here’s to a year of awesome blogging. Cheers!

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      1. Same here! I can’t wait for Feb. Oh, I already announced this on our group’s DM thread but the sign-up sheet for our Feb blog tour is now available on our Google Drive. Please check it out and sign up. You can choose your preferred date, then. Or if you can’t choose yet, either me or Crim will assign dates for participants. And Matt also already kickstarted our January Tour. So exciting! Here’s to an awesome 2017 to all of us. Cheers!

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  2. I think your Good points outweighed the Bad easily. It’s a shame that your friend circle isn’t so close anymore, but no one looks at GPA on a job application. It’s only important if you’re applying for further education, and you’ve already been accepted to two universities for your Masters 🙂

    Also kitties make everything better. I wish you lots of continued success!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s a real shame about my friends, it was such a small matter and just caused everything to break apart. Thank you, I really needed to hear that 😀 hehe I’m so glad I’ve got my lovely kitty, I’ll be taking her with me when I move ^^!

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  3. Wow, you had a rough year. But there was some good, too. Like weekendotaku, I think the achievements you worked hard for overshadow the adversity you had to deal with.

    Thank you for the shout-out. Don’t forget you have online friends who’ll support you! I’m looking forward to joining you during the Feburary OWLS tour!

    Here’s to a wonderful 2017!

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  4. Congrats on your achievements and also the good stuff! You sound very smart since you got such a good GPA! Congrats on graduating university and for getting into grad school! Also, it’s so cool how you talked to your boss about the unfairness in pay. 😀 Sorry to hear about the bad stuff and how your friendship group fell apart. I’m sure you’ll meet lifelong friends at your new school. 🙂

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  5. It seems 2016 has been a year of ups and downs for a lot of people. I’m sad to see that there have been a lot of things that have not gone well for you, but there are also a lot of good things luckily. And another thing is that you should feel enormously proud: your blog is awesome, you have released a great number of fantastic posts, and to get to realise your dream of writing a novel,and already having made this much progress? You have my utmost respect.
    As for 2017, I hope it will be a very good and interesting year for you. I wish all the best and good luck with reaching all your goals. I am sure you will be able to make them all come true: happy 2017! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I really needed to hear that. 2016 has been quite a rough year, but I’m really looking forward to things turning around in 2017! I hope you have a wonderful 2017 😀

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  6. It says a lot that, for everything that could have stopped you writing, you stuck to it and kept up a blog I love to read. Honestly, your posts have made me smile so many times this year, and your blog is one of a few I’m very grateful to have found. All that and writing 45,000 words of a novel as well 😵 Your work ethic far surpasses mine.

    Best of luck with your masters, and I’ll be looking forward to more of your BL guides, those were great posts. Just keep up your writing as you have been doing, and I’m sure 2017 will bring you just as much success.

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    1. Thank you so much. When things got tough, I really did use my blog as an escape. It really warms my heart to know that people enjoyed my posts, I have so much fun reading them 🙂 Haha yeah I was pretty surprised when I pumped out all those words!

      Have a wonderful 2017 😀

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  7. You went through a lot this year, but I am so proud of you for making it through! Can you believe it’s been a whole year since we started our blogs?! You have cone so far in such a short amount of time and I am glad that I met you, Twin!

    I’m definitely looking forward to the BL guides and the otome reviews!! Love ya girlie!😍😊

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