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Secrets of Me: Hosaka Shun Walkthrough

Secrets of Me is an otome game by Dogenzaka Labs and D3Publisher. The same group that did the Men of Yoshiwara series. Each ‘route’ has 3 components, 13 chapters in the main story, and a short sequel and short date scenario chapter.

In Secrets of Me, things are finally looking up for you, you’ve got an okay job and a really hot fiancé, but you’re still really insecure. So you decide to spend your life savings on getting plastic surgery, you want to look like a girl worthy of your fiancé. After getting the surgery you find out that you’re gorgeous fiancé is actually a marriage scam artist and he dumps you! Feeling awful, and with the advice of a random detective, you decide to find yourself a new hubby – by stalking one of 5 men! For my first play through I chose Dr. Hosaka Shun, the man who did my plastic surgery.

Let’s get the stalking game on! 


These are the choices below I did to get the best ending. Unfortunately I think this only adds up to about 95%, but you’ll still get the best ending. To get the ‘good’ ending all you need to do is change your response to the last question 🙂

  • So you have a girlfriend?
  • What about the underwear I’m wearing?
  • Applaud the doctor
  • I like coffee
  • Boldly say your waist
  • That means we’re friends too doctor!
  • Make up an excuse
  • I don’t understand what you mean
  • Cover for him
  • Wipe away the drool
  • Go to lost child desk
  • Visit Kyoka
  • Call your parents
  • I’ve been wanting this
  • Apricot Coral
  • I’m glad your glasses are fixed
  • Apologise honestly
  • We should hold our heads high
  • Thank you
  • Friend
  • I can’t forget it
  • Don’t tell him
  • I’ll come
  • Yes it is
  • I’m sorry
  • Give him a goodbye kiss
  • Makes you more appealing – best ending,  I don’t mind/ might bother me a little – good ending

What Happens in the Main Story

After deciding on Shun you head back for a check up. Everything is pretty normal, except you find out the doctor is a little..unique? He enjoys teasing his patients and he’s got a real eye for make up. As you’re talking another patient appears, angry that Shun has refused to enlarge her breasts any further. Shun tells her that it would be too dangerous, and that his practice is there to help women achieve their ‘true selves’, but not to the point of health risks. You’re impressed by what he says.


Through your amazing stalking skills you find out that Shun orders coffee from a nearby cafe every day. You apply for a job there, and deliver it to him each day. One time Shun notices you have back pain, and you end up getting a pretty hot massage. Soon after you find out that he has a fiancé. You follow him to visit his fiancé in hospital, you bump into her and you manage to become friends. A few days later he convinces you to come with him to dinner, but it turns out to be a match making party. A few of the women go crazy towards him, and you protect him.


The lovely detective gives you some tickets to a newly opened theme park, and Shun goes with you. You have a really lovely time, but afterwards Shun says he shouldn’t meet you anymore. It’s not fair to Kyoka. You get incredibly upset and go drinking, you get so drunk you drunk dial Shun to pick you up. He does and takes you to the doctor’s surgery, and begins kissing you. He implores you to be more careful around men, because you have such a seductive face (this made me feel hella creeped out). You wake up the next morning, and while walking around, you accidentally break his glasses. Your stuck with him for the day and head to his home. When you visit his surgery to give him his coffee you find out that rumours have circulated about the night you spent there.


In the middle of all this you start suspecting Kyoka. There is a man that keeps visiting her 5.JPGand giving her flowers. Shun tells you that this is the man who was responsible for Kyoka’s accident, apparently she had been in a car with him and there was an accident. Kyoka tried to hide it, because she was going to cheat on Shun, their marriage was organised by their grandparents and while she loves Shun, Shun is not so sure. She tries to bind Shun to her. Shun feels a sense of duty to her, because of her illness and also because his grandfather’s dying wish was to see them married.

Shun sees you and the detective around town, and becomes incredibly jealous. You visit him in his office, and while the two of you are in the elevator it breaks down. Shun is initially icy cold to you, but once you reveal that the detective is just a friend, and that you were shopping for Shun’s present he becomes passionate.

Later he asks to take you on a trip, and you agree. He takes you to his hometown and you 6.JPGspend the day together walking around. At night you have sexy time together. He tells you that after this he will devote himself to Kyoka, but he needed this night with you to remain in his memories. You are heartbroken and leave before he can wake up. When you arrive home he catches you, and apologises. He hurt you, the woman he loves, and his relationship with Kyoka is hurting both him and her. He tells you that he knows Kyoka is faking her illness and together you go to the hospital to confront her. Shun implores her to break off the engagement, saying that this relationship is hurting both of them. He knows about her relationship with her male friend. You leave together, knowing that everything will be okay.

Good Ending


In the Good Ending, Kyoka is having difficulty accepting the engagement break off. You and Shun are living apart, and he hasn’t contacted you. A month later he asks you to come to a hotel room, and he tells you, that Kyoka has finally accepted. He proposes to you, saying he wishes to go to America and wants you to come with him. You accept, and well there’s some more sexy time.

Best Ending

7.JPGIn the Best Ending, Kyoka agrees really easily, and is married to her male friend. You and Shun are organising your destination wedding, and there’s quite a lot of sexy time in this. After the wedding you and Shun have a wonderful wedding night, promising to be together forever.








Sequel Hosaka Shun.JPG

Not much happens in the ‘sequel’, you go to your husbands work to deliver some coffee. He gets jealous that you’re talking about another man, and you distract him with a letter from Kyoka. You emphasise how happy you are to be married to him, and, well, things progress to sexy time in the doctor’s office.

Date Scenario

date scenario Hosaka Shun.JPG

The two of you finally have a day off together! The day starts of a little off when Shun gets annoyed that you gave him tea instead of coffee (seriously dude, chill!). You decide to visit a theme park, and have a wonderful day out. At the end of the day you wait to see the night parade but didn’t get a good spot. Shun suggests viewing it from the ferris wheel, and, again, sexy time happens.

Final Thoughts

Shun Secrets of Me Otome.JPG

This game swung from being really random to be really funny to interesting. I didn’t mind the gameplay, and getting a happy ending is quite easy. For Shun’s character, I loved how pervy he was under the cool veneer of a doctor. My only issue was I didn’t really like the MC, she was just a little bit crazy, nothing seemed to bother her – not stalking, not having sex with an engaged man. Furthermore, compared to Men of Yoshiwara, I didn’t really like the drawings. I bought this game through the Steam sale, so for about $5 it was worth it. I’ll be interested to see how the other routes come out.

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  1. Yooo this main character might be not a spineless damsel in distress, but she’s nuts!

    The route seemed to have a lot of messy drama. To be fair, the game starts off with some soap opera stuff (marriage scam artist, what the heck ;_; ). It definitely keeps things interesting!

    Thanks for the write-up!

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