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Liar! Uncover the Truth – Spoiler Free Review

Liar Uncover The Truth Fortune teller.png‘Liar! Uncover the Truth’ is one of Voltage Inc’s free apps. In it, you play an independent woman dreaming of marrying her long time boyfriend. However you find out that he’s cheating on you, and quickly dump him. Feeling the pressure from your mother to marry, you decide to attend a speed dating function for upper class men. There you bump into a fortune teller who tells you, you’ll meet 10 gorgeous men during the night, but 9 of them are no good liars! But 1 of them is your ideal man! As you make your way through the game, you unmask the liars, slowly making your way to your dream bae!

The Positives

Overall, I really did enjoy this game. It was such a unique concept and I really appreciated having such a strong MC. You can never really guess who the liar is going to be, and the ‘detective’ component of the game is really fun. You take snapshots of the potential baes social media profiles, you snoop around their houses and workplaces, you even text them – it’s all really exciting. I also enjoyed the side characters – the fortune teller was by far my favourite – but MC’s sweet best friend and awful co-worker were all really colourful characters. Everything just added to a really great immersion experience.


While the final guy you end up with is ‘static’, I didn’t really find this an issue. Most of the 9 other guys, are truly horrible, and wouldn’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. The later ‘liars’ are a bit more sympathetic and if you are interested in them, you can pursue them through the ‘Lover’s Route’. In saying that, I was pretty impressed that Voltage could come up with so many different types of horrible guys- you never knew what crazy antics one guy would take you on!

The Negatives

After playing the game, and thinking about it, there were quite a few negatives that I did pick up during the game. The most significant one was regarding the MC and her ‘checklist’. Above, I said I appreciate the strong MC- and that’s still true. She’s a real go getter and doesn’t let anyone push her around, but I found her ‘requirements’ for a husband, really distasteful. She wanted a man who had never been married, had no children, and even had a minimum yearly income. I can understand some requirements – hell I’ve got them – I want a guy who is sweet, loyal and family orientated. I don’t have a minimum salary in my criteria! Because of her criteria, when I got to the end of the story, I didn’t quite believe that she was truly in love with the guy. I saw it as a ‘oh he fits all my criteria, I guess I’ll marry him’ situation.  Of course, my opinion my change if I play the Lover’s route, but for this review I’m trying to focus on the main game.

liar uncover the truth flirt time.pngMy other issue with the game was regarding the ‘cool point’ collection through ‘flirt time’.  The premise was easy enough – you answer questions and either get 10 or 20 points. But I found the questions REALLY frustrating. They called themselves ‘girl power’ questions but were just really awful. One question’s answer would tell you to let your boyfriend decide everything and the next question would tell you to speak your mind cause boy’s don’t like it when girl’s can’t make their minds up. It was just pretty ridiculous.

My other issue was regarding the ending. Depending on how quickly you finish the chapter, the number of cool points you have, and many mistakes you make in the accusation portion you can get an S rank, A rank, B rank, C rank or D rank. This dictates the number of ending available to you. S rank you can read all of them for free, A rank you can choose one out of all of them, and as you move further down the ending you get is more restricted. The first few liars it was really easy to get S rank, but towards the end, it was near impossible to do so without buying tickets – which made it really frustrating.

Final Thoughts

Overall, for a free game, this was pretty phenomenal. I looked forward to my daily commute because I could read the chapters on the way to work. If you don’t play the game too seriously, and take the negative aspects of it with a pinch of salt – you’ll enjoy it. I really hope that more otome companies continue to make ‘strong’ MCs. I only started playing otome games mid last year, but the incredible amount of bland and useless Macs really grates on my nerves.

To check out a review on each individual route I highly recommend visiting Naja’s blog. She does really in depth posts on each route, as well as has info on all the endings!

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14 thoughts on “Liar! Uncover the Truth – Spoiler Free Review

  1. I didn’t like the guy who wasn’t the liar, just really boring so meh.
    I also felt like the one guy that was actually truly good got jilted by being out of the race as the liar 7, (that’s the one where he’s not really a liar or douche but has health issues, right?)
    In the end it took me forever to get to the ending because I just stopped being into it as much. It’s a pretty forgetful game after the shock from the liars passes.
    Great post Happy, I’m looking forward to more posts from otome games from you ( ˘ ³˘)❤( ˘ ³˘)❤

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  2. LOLOLOL You finally finished it!! Woot! Aww girlie, thanks for the shout out!! 😀

    This one of those weird free to play games that I actually liked… hopefully it never happens again, because it took me entirely too long to finish!

    I had a rather love/hate relationship with the MC, on one hand she was a welcome change from the rather bland leading ladies in Voltage’s other games…. and on the other she was a bit of a bitch… her standards were way too high and she was one of the biggest liars in the game. But, I did find her early game reactions fun!

    Now, Mr. Right is my bae! I love that guy to bits and pieces!! Are you planning on playing the Lovers Route? If you haven’t already, I highly suggest playing the last one for Mr. Right, it’s the canon end for the game and it was fantastic!

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    1. Definitely! I really liked her for how independent she was but like damn her standards. Oooh I will be! I gotta save up the coins to play it, I’m so glad it was sweet, I really need a proper ‘otp’ end 😛

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  3. It doesn’t really sound like she was in love with the guy at the end, like you said. Jeez…

    Still, you did a great job conveying the game’s strengths and weaknesses! c:
    It has its share of mishaps, but Liar! sounds like a decent game judging from your review.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s definitely worth a play, I’m going to check out the Lover’s route, and hopefully get some feels with the guy at the end. Otherwise I feel a little bit bad for him, only selected cause he earns over $150,00 a year ;_;

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