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Shall We Date? Lost Alice Kyle Knock Catch Em’ All Stories

I hope everyone has had a truly fantastic beginning to 2017!

I wanted to continue on my ongoing project of the ‘Catch em’All’ stories from ‘Lost Alice’. Lost Alice is a ‘Shall We Date?’ game, where you go through Wonderland with either the Cheshire Cat, Hatter or Joker as your guide. Apart from the main game there is a mini game called ‘catch em all’ where you catch falling sweets and have a chance to ‘win’ short stories. Since the ‘catch em all’ can be really frustrating, I thought I might collate all the stories here.

This is an ongoing project, so some parts will be blank until I get the story! 

To check out the route guides click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker   |   Owen   |   Sidd  |  Chronus  |   Ace  |   Neil  |

If you want to read the ‘catch em all’ stories click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker    |   Owen

Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

You can check out my first impression of the game here. Walkthrough and route summaries will be coming soon!

What Looks Best on Alice?

Smiling Back

Just Like a Couple?

The Warmth of a Homemade Meal

Napping with a Cat


This one is so incredibly cute! You mention to Kyle how the area around his house is really lovely and nice to nap in. He suggests that the two of you take a nap together. You wake up and notice a butterfly land on Kyle’s cat ears. You start playing with them and he wakes up and smiles.

His Past

Search for the Missing Cookies!

Swept up like a Princess

Heartberry Gruit

True Intentions



After Al delivers a message to you from the Queen you comment to Kyle how cute and fluffy he is. Kyle points out that his ears and tail are just as fluffy as Al’s, and you begin rubbing them. Kyle begins teasing you on how much you enjoy fluffiness, and Kyle promises to be your personal fluffy, but in return he can touch you as much as he wants.

Start of the Day


You wake up and realise Kyle has slept next to you again. You are starting to get used to it, and Kyle teases you saying you should start properly going to bed together. You push Kyle away and get ready to make breakfast.

Jealous Stare


In ‘Jealous Stare’ you and Kyle decide to have a picnic. Joker and the Hatter suddenly appear, and intrude on you and Kyle’s together time. When you arrive home Kyle holds your hand and admits that he was jealous of the other guys.



Kyle wakes you up from an awful nightmare, and holds you in his arms. He promises to always be by your side, and gets you some warm milk to help you go back to sleep.

The Golden Rose of Happiness

I hope you guys enjoyed reading these! As  I mentioned above, it’s a work in progress. If you have any shorts that aren’t listed above, please let me know what they are so I can add them ^^! 

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      1. Ohohoho, seducing you in with my insta horny screenshots, good good, job is going well! 😈😈😈
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