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Shall We Date? Lost Alice Joker Braze Catch Em’ All Stories

Hello~ It’s the second week into 2017, and I’m trying to keep my promise of 3 posts a week.

To finalise (the available) catch em stories for ‘Lost Alice’. I present to you the cute stories for Joker Brazer. Lost Alice is a ‘Shall We Date?’ game, where you go through Wonderland with either the Cheshire Cat, Hatter or Joker as your guide. Apart from the main game there is a mini game called ‘catch em all’ where you catch falling sweets and have a chance to ‘win’ short stories. Since the ‘catch em all’ can be really frustrating, I thought I might collate all the stories here.

Recommended Play through Order:  Joker, Kyle, Luke, Owen

To check out the route guides click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker   |   Owen   |   Sidd  |  Chronus  |   Ace  |   Neil  |

If you want to read the ‘catch em all’ stories click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker    |   Owen

Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

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Please note this is an ongoing project – some stories will be blank! 

The Secret of the Card Soldiers

A Strange Person

People with Things on their Heads

Cleaning with Him

Do Glasses Suit Him?

Sweet Cake and Sweet Words

Their Little Secret

The Taste of a Cookie

A Mishap


In ‘a mishap’ you and Joker are out shopping when a carrot (yes a literal carrot) comes charging at you. Joker pulls you into him, and Al comes hoping along chasing after the carrot. Jokers comments how happy he was to hold you.

Comfortable Silence


You and Joker are taking a walk, and the two of you decide to take a break. As you two sit, there’s a comfortable silence, and Joker begins humming.

Good Morning


Joker wakes you up to go and buy fresh bed, but you want to stay in bed. Joker threatens you, and you jump up, he muses that he’s sad that now he can’t touch you.

The Truth of That Day


On the day you met Joker he took you to home. You notice that your clothes had been changed to pyjamas and you question Joker. He admits that he was the one who changed you, you get incredibly embarrassed, until he tells you that he used a spell. He didn’t see anything.

Won’t Let Go


You and Joker are on your way home after visits the Queen of Hearts.You trip over and Joker catches you, he gives you his hand to hold. He says that now he never wants to let your hand go.


A Nap on the Sofa

I hope you guys enjoyed reading these! As  I mentioned above, it’s a work in progress. If you have any shorts that aren’t listed above, please let me know what they are so I can add them ^^! 

16 thoughts on “Shall We Date? Lost Alice Joker Braze Catch Em’ All Stories

  1. Hi I just started playing the game and I’m enjoying it so far 🙂 my only thing is that when ever I do win the stories in the catch em all games, I never know where to go to read them? Should I be looking in a certain place?

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    1. Hiya! So after you accept the story from your present box go to ‘status’ (top left hand corner) then click the arrow and you’ll come to the screen with your bae and your progress. At the bottom click ‘album’, then click whichever bae whose story you want to read. A screen will pop up with ‘photo’ and ‘story’. Click on ‘story’, on the left hand side there will be ‘main story’, ‘event’ and ‘catch’em ALL’. Click on the last option 🙂 Hope that helps!


  2. Hey, I have a lot of those stories that aren’t listed here if you’d like them!

    Secret Of The Card Soldiers

    1) You and Joker are at the Castle of Hearts and you ask where the food the card soldiers eat go. Joker tells you that they are photosynthetic and when they are exposed to sun, their markings disappear and they turn into pieces of paper. Later, you see two card soldiers talking about how delicious this Heart Apple Pie they ate was. You find that Joker has tricked you and he makes it up to you by buying you one of those Heart Apple Pies.

    A Strange Person

    2) You tell Joker about how you see things are pretty strange in Wonderland, like a three-spouted teapot. You tell him that he himself is a strange person, he says he takes it as a compliment, and blushes. You ask him if he was, but he denies it, and you giggle.

    People With Things On Their Heads

    3) While at The Hatter’s tea party, you tell joker that you realize Sidd and Kyle have animal ears, Luke has a hat, and you have a bow. You ask if there’s a rule, but Luke says no. When Joker interrupts you talking, he reminds you that you have forgotten about him not having anything. You have an idea that everyone should switch their head accessories as a game next tea party, but Luke is afraid to recover your bow.

    (I don’t have the “Cleaning With Him” one…sorry :3)

    Do Glasses Suit Him?

    4) At the library, you find yourself pondering the thought of Joker having glasses. He asks you why you were staring at the book and you feel embarrassed. You tell him what you weee thinking and he goes all out to get them for you next time.

    Sweet Cake And Sweet Words

    5) Joker buys you a Playing Cards Cake while you are out in town and when you return home, you talk about how the cupcake is so cute and fancuky decorated. He teases you about it, but then calls you cute.

    Their Little Secret

    6) While your out, you get separated from Joker. When you finally find him, he is speaking with TweedleDee and TweedleDum and you listen in. They ask him what he likes about you, but he catches you hiding and calls you out, and says that it’s you and his secret.

    The Taste Of A Cookie

    7) When your in the kitchen, Joker offers you a cookie, but your hands are full. He offers to feed it to you, but you decline, He says it’s the last one and will just eat it with temptation if you don’t. At his dramatic declaration, you give in and he feeds it to you.

    (I don’t have worry, either…I’m so sorry!)

    A Nap On The Sofa

    8) When Joker comes home, you show him the pink lemonade you made that you saw at the market once. You tried it yourself, but wanted a second opinion and Joker drinks it. When Joker notices an herb that you used, he says it’s to make you sleepy, but is harmless. He pulls you into his arms and lays on the sofas falling fast asleep, and you have no choice but to sleep also.

    Hehe, sorry for the long comment, but here you go!

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