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100 Years Love with a Vampire (Otome) – Endings & Review

100-year-love-with-a-vampire‘100 Years Love with a Vampire’ is a ‘tapping’ casual game by Lady Wizard. The game opens with you returning home from work. Your grandmother has passed away and you are helping your parents organise her belongings. It’s then that you stumble across an intricate box, you open it and cut yourself. Suddenly a vampire appears! Will you care for this sweet hear vampire? Or will he suck you dry?

The game is in the same style as ‘My Cutie Devil‘ and ‘Kabedon‘, you tap on icons as they appear, and progress through a ‘growth stage’. You can later choose one of 3 endings, after completing all 3 endings you get a special ending.  Here you choose what item you want to inspect in the box. Overall I didn’t enjoy this game as much as the other two. While the graphics, and pictures are a lot more detailed and cute – there was a real issue with translation. I’m not usually one to complain about translation issues – I’m just happy to play the game. But at some points during the game, it was really hard to understand what was going on.

Ending 1 – The Envelope of Parchment

100 Year Love with a Vampire Parchment end.png

You pick up the envelope and a ring falls out. As you’re looking at the ring, the vampire suddenly grabs and bites your fingers. He transforms into a beautiful guy, telling you that the ring was given to him by your grandmother.He promises to get you something better, and you woefully complain that your grandmother should have left you something better than a troublesome vampire!

Ending 2 – The Envelope of Sakura

100 Years Love with a Vampire Sakura end.png

As you pick up the envelope the vampire starts biting your neck. You begin to feel dizzy, and he slowly puts you down. You realise he is actually an incredibly handsome vampire. He thanks you for looking after him, saying you look very similar to your grandmother.  He begins getting emotional “Your existence is proof I made Harue (Grandmother) happy”.

Ending 3 – Neither One

100 Year Love with a Vampire Neither End.png

You decide not to look at anything in the box. He’s still in his chibi form, and he encourages you to inspect the small bottle in the box. He tells you that your grandmother cremated his body after he ‘died’, not realising he was actually sleeping. He tells you that he’ll return to his normal body after drinking female blood – but you refuse to give him any of your blood.

‘True’ Ending

100 Year Love with a Vampire True End.png

In the ‘True’ Ending you look back into the vampire’s and your grandmother’s past. Your grandmother looked after the vampire, even when people shunned him, She tells the vampire she will be forced into an arranged marriage. She wants to join the vampire in his 100 year sleep, but the vampire refuses. She promises the vampire that in 100 years, her ancestor (you) will wake him up so he isn’t lonely.

The End!

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  1. It’s always a bummer when translations suck and bleed our enthusiasm because the frustration of not understanding becomes higher than the enjoyment.
    At least the CG’s look nice 👀👀✨

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