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Princess of the Moon ~ Allure of the Midnight Kiss ~ First Impression & Routes

‘Princess of the Moon’ came out today, it’s an otome game by Abracadabra Inc, who have created other games such as ‘Lust in Terror Manor’.  The game is completely free and you progress through stories using ‘tickets’. The game is available on both Apple and Android.

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You have travelled to a foreign land to try and broker a business deal with the Royal Family’s wine vineyard. However you arrive at an unfortunate time, it’s the King’s birthday and all the roads are closed. There’s no way to get to the vineyard! You end up arguing with the hotel staff, and two beautiful princes end up helping you. The butler gives you a ride up to the vineyard. However you quickly realise it’s closed and as you try to get back to the main road, a guard almost attacks you. He is quickly stopped by another prince. The two of them leave you to make your own way back, and if things couldn’t get any worse, it begins to rain!

Princess of the Moon Abracadabra King Prologue.jpg

You walk further down the road and find some shelter. You enter the house, only to be greeted by the 3 princes before. Alph, one of the princes from the hotel, tries to claim you as his bride. Rudy and Seraphino protect you. You’re incredibly confused, but you’re quickly brought before the King. He explains that in the ‘United Kingdoms’, there will be a night when  foreign woman will come and choose the next king. This woman is the ‘Moon Princess’ and, it is her duty to marry him and produce the next heir.  You’re still freaking out from all the situation, but then the princes pressure you into choosing!

Princess of the Moon Abracadabra Inc Prologue .jpg

Princess of the Moon Prologue Rudy.jpg

Princess of the Moon Seraphino.jpg

Who will you choose?

First Impressions

The game promisees that there will eventually be 10 routes available. At the moment only Rudy and Alph are available. I ended up choosing Rudy, because I really disliked Alph’s personality. I mean, he meets the MC,and then pretty much assaults her, and orders his guard to hold you down. I’m really hoping there won’t be anymore of this weird bs happening in the routes. I haven’t actually played an Abracadabra Inc game before, so I didn’t really know what I was getting into.

The design of the characters and background in this game is quite nice. I can see a lot of work has been put into the character’s clothes, and differentiating them from one another. One issue I can see in the future, is there just being too many damn boys hanging around. I also do find there are issues with loading times, and the interface is quite simplistic. Compared to Alice Shall We Date? and Liar! the dress up section, and home page was just really bland.I would say it’s very similar to Genius Inc  games, except Genius Inc games usually include music. Overall while my first impression is a bit so-so with this game, I am excited to see where my love story with Rudy (and the other boys) takes me!

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Prologue Route Choice Princess of the Moon.jpg