I (Finally) Got The One Piece Body Calendar!

When I did my Dream Loot crate post, I listed the ‘One Piece Body 2017 Calendar’ as one item. I did a bit more research on the calendar, looked at pictures online and decided – I REALLY wanted this calendar. This is the second year the One Piece Body Calendar has been released, and the line up changed slightly this year too. This year you can also purchase the ‘One Piece Glamour’ calendar which features the lovely ladies of One Piece.  The calendar is about the size of an iPad mini, and is self-standing. I had a bit of issues setting the calendar up, it keeps trying to fold back in, but I think over time this will fix itself up.  I’m definitely happy with the product, I’ll have lots of eye candy for the rest of the year.

You can check out the pictures below 🙂


One Piece Body Calendar front standing.JPG

One Piece Body Calendar Zoro.JPG

One Piece Body calendar Back.JPG

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