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Luke Estheim – Shall We Date? Lost Alice+ Endings & Walkthrough

I finally got around to typing this one up. After my prologue/ first impressions post, I went with Luke Estheim (The Hatter) for my first play through. Overall I really did enjoy it, the graphics were fantastic. I did get REALLY frustrated with trying to get enough Lapis for premium routes, and I found that it wasn’t really worth it. What was really fantastic about the game was that there wasn’t just the main story, there were ‘catch em all’ short stories, and side stories ‘Alice in the land of War’. Overall it’s a really fantastic free game. However,  I highly recommend NOT doing Luke’s route first.

Recommended Play through Order:  Joker, Kyle, Luke, Owen

To check out the route guides click below

Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker   |   Owen   |   Sidd  |  Chronus  |   Ace  |   Neil  | Spinner of Tales

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Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker    |   Owen

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  • Thank you
  • I’m Not Alice
  • Stop Fighting Over Me
  • I’ll Take Your Advice
  • I Choose Luke
  • I Still Don’t Want To Forget
  • Luke Must Have His Reasons
  • Are You Alright?
  • Don’t Worry, I Won’t Try Anything
  • You Really Do Have a Sweet Tooth
  • Of Course, I Want To Go Home, But…
  • You Mean You Want To Be Friends?
  • I Like You
  • I’m Not Really Sure
  • …I’m Sorry.
  • Thanks For Coming For Me
  • Thank You…
  • That’s Right
  • G0 To My House…
  • I’ll Make it All Work Out
  • Think Again if You Plan on Dying
  • Of Course, I Trust You
  • You’re Not Going to Get in My Way, Right?
  • I Missed You…
  • I Don’t Know
  • What I Did Was Wrong

The Story

After the prologue,  you wake up in ‘Alice’s House, as you tentatively explore you hear a knock at the door. It’s Luke, the two of you chat, and you thank him for calling you by your real name. Luke explains that you have been asleep for a few, you freak out, and run back inside to take a quick shower! After you clean yourself, you join Luke for a tea party, while you eat you try to ask him more questions about where you are from. The March Hare (Sidd Rex) appears during the tea party. Sidd and Luke begin arguing over calling you ‘Alice’ vs your actual name, but you quickly realise they are in fact good friends. During this time you also learn that you can use magic. After a few moments practicing magic, the white rabbit shows up, inviting you to the Queen of Heart’s Castle.

Lost Alice Hatter Tea Party.jpg

As you walk through the main town, you notice that people are restless. It seems you are somewhat of a celebrity, as Al (the white rabbit) leads you to the castle you pass by a giant gate. You soon arrive at the Castle of Hearts, where Kyle (the cheshire cat) waits for you. He’s clearly angry that you chose Luke as your guide, but you defend your choice, explaining that while Luke may be hiding something, you still trust him. You enter the castle and meet the Queen. The Queen calls you by your name, and tells you, you can meet her anytime that you want to. The visit ends with her imploring you not to forget your real name. You become frightened that you may one day forget who you really are, but Luke promises that he will always remember.

Luke Lost Alice .png

As that two of you walk home, and Luke tries to tell you the truth, suddenly a hole appears below you. And the Spinner of Tales appears, he warns Luke not to forget the rules of Wonderland and disappears. Luke faints, and Joker appears, you conscript him to help you carry Luke home. Luke wakes up a few moments later, and shoos Joker away. But before he leaves, Joker pulls a trick, and changes the sofa into a cake. You and Luke end up sharing the same bed. You wake up in the morning, and in your sleep, ended up snuggling up to Luke! After you hastily get dressed, you and Luke have a tea party. During the tea party you give him a spare key to your home, you also realise the ‘truth’ he is trying to tell you, goes against Wonderland’s rules.

Luke Lost Alice love.png

Later, the two of you decide to venture into town, it’s there that you meet the Duchess. The two of you become fast friends, she pulls you aside and  organises for you and Luke to go on a date – to shop for sweets and explore the town. The two of you end up buying a bunch of sweets and an apple pie to eat on the way home. It’s about to get romantic when the twins, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum interrupt. The two tease you about your relationship, you and Luke begin bantering, but it feels familiar. As you try to search the feeling, your head begins to ache. As the two of you walk back, your headache gets worse. Luke takes you to a rose garden to rest. As you rest you begin to reflect back on your relationship with Luke.


The world turns into a startling shade of white, and you arrive at the chess kingdom. The Chess King, Owen, is incredibly rude and you give him a good slap on the face. Luke comes to your rescue, it’s clear that Owen wants to separate you two. The two of you end up having to face off against Owen’s chess army. It’s hard going, you want to defeat the army without harming anyone. After you finish, Owen claims that he will now be your opponent. Suddenly, the Queen of Hearts appears, she commands Owen to release you and takes you back to her castle. You find out that Luke and the Queen are the ‘same’. The two of you quickly return home.

At home, Luke is worried that the Spinner of Tales might target you. You make a promise to yourself to protect Luke. You confess your love for Luke, he tells you that he has been in love with you for a long time, and the two of you kiss. But he tells you that until you regain your memories, the two of you can’t truly be in love. When you wake up the twins are in front of your home, they declare they will tell everyone in Wonderland that you and Luke are now a couple. The townspeople and other Wonderland characters congratulate the two of you. Later, the Queen invites the two of you to her castle. As you, Luke, The Queen of Hearts and the Chess King are playing the Spinner of Tales appears to take Luke away. You and Luke manage to escape home.

Luke Lost ALice memories.png

The Queen visits the two of you and explains what will happen to Luke. Because he has interfered with the tale and ‘Alice’ he will be put on trail, and sentenced to death. The two of you have a few moments together before Luke is taken away. Alone, you visit the Chess Kingdom to see if Owen will help you. He gives you a cryptic message, you realise he is referring to the closed gate you saw near the castle. As you break open the gate, Jokers appears, congratulating you. The gate opens to the ‘Lake of Tears’, you go into the lake. Suddenly all your memories come back – your parents death, your childhood friend Luke, the Spinner of Tales inviting you to Wonderland. You also saw Luke, agreeing to be the Hatter, to be with you in Wonderland.

Luke Lost Alice water.png

As you sink deeper into the lake, Luke pulls you out, and gives you mouth to mouth. You tell him that you remember everything and embrace him. Luke explains that the Joker went to Luke’s trail and told him to come over and save you. The two of you decide to head back to the real world.  Just as you make that decision, the Spinner of Tales appears and tries to convince you to stay. When you refuse he becomes angry and attacks you. Both you and Luke run to where you first woke up (way back in the prologue). As you rush through Wonderland, the different characters come to your rescue, battling the Spinner of Tales. The two of you manage to arrive back at the giant mirror you used to travel to Wonderland.

Together you step through…

Broken Heart Ending

Lost Alice Luke Hatter Broken Heart Ending.png

In the Broken Heart Ending, you and Luke are getting ready to step through the mirror.But you hesitate, the pain of loosing your family was too much. Just as you gain your renewed determination the Spinner appears.  You argue with him, saying you want to go with Luke, but he takes Luke from your memories. You hear someone call out to you, as everything fades to black.

The scene shifts to you standing outside of your home, identifying as ‘Alice’. You feel strange, as though you had just been crying, but that’s impossible – you have never had anything bad happen to you. You try to convince yourself that you are happy, and tears roll down your face

Promised Future Ending

Lost Alice Shall We Date Hatter Promise Future Endng.png

The two of you rush towards the mirror, you jump into the mirror and return to the real world. You wake up and see Luke smiling next to you, you excitedly give him a kiss. You thank Luke for everything he has done, and kiss him again. Joker suddenly appears to interrupt the sweet moment, then the Queen of Hearts! Luke explains that the Queen is from the real world too, you remember when Luke had described him and her as ‘the same’.

Lost Alice Shall We Date Luke Hatter Promised Future Ending .png

The two of you decide to live your lives between the real and Wonderland, but you still hold your tea parties. One day you decide to hold a tea party for everyone in Wonderland, even Owen joins. Everyone is having a fantastic time, Joker is teasing you and Owen is getting philosophical over you living in Wonderland and the Real World. As everyone laughs and chatters, Luke gives you a sweet kiss.

Destined Love Ending

Luke Lost Alice Destined Lovers ending.png

In the ‘Destined Love’ ending, as you jump through the mirror, the Spinner of Tales calls out to you woefully. You tell him that your tale is your own, and he slowly disappears. The Queen comes running up, excited that the Spinner’s powers over Wonderland has weakened, and that the people of Wonderland are now free. The two of you finally go into the real world, and you arrive became into your bedroom.

At first you feel depressed, remembering that your parents are dead, and you have no one. But Luke promises to be part of your family forever, you tell him that you’ve loved him all your life. After the proposal, the two of you have a sexy time. At the end, the two of you go back to visit Wonderland. You learn that the inhabitants of Wonderland are far happier, and they all celebrate your engagement.

Premium Photo

You receive this photo after completing all endings.

Luke Lost Alice Shall We Date Hatter Completion Prize Main Story Photo.png

My ‘Dress Up’


Through the game you get clothing items to decorate you and your bae. This was what I ended up with, when I finished this route.

Thank you for reading. I know this post was just filled with blocks of text and not many pictures, the pictures are quite large, but I’l try to make them smaller and include the rest of the CGs later.  It was a real pain working out the ‘best’ answers, I played on my phone and iPad simultaneously ==”

25 thoughts on “Luke Estheim – Shall We Date? Lost Alice+ Endings & Walkthrough

    1. Hi there! I personally found that what you discover in Luke’s route really changed the way I felt about the other characters in Lost Alice. Kind of like 707’s route in Mystic Messenger, I felt like his route was the ‘true’ route, and after I did the other character routes I just kept feeling really bad about Luke. Sorry if my response is a bit vague, I didn’t want to write any spoilers, but if you want more details just let me know 🙂


      1. Hmm, i think so too. Because Luke was born and raised in the same world like ‘Alice’ right? But, i think his route wasn’t the true route. I hope we can have the Spinner of tales route x’D


      2. Yep, and also because he’s always been in love with her. And the only reason he’s in Wonderland is so that he can save her. When I see him in all the other routes, I can just imagine him being so upset, especially since he sacrificed so much. Ooh I want a spinner of tales route too! I can imagine him being so gorgeous under that hood!


      3. Ah i see. I’m only play Luke route’s coz i’m too lazy to play other route, that why i don’t really know what happen to him if ‘Alice’ choose to be ‘Alice’ for someone else.

        Well, Luke kinda remind me about 707 from Mystic Messenger too. Both of them are my favorite character as far x’D


  1. Hello, may i ask you something? do you have any idea why luke seem doesn’t like alice or mc learn/using magic? i don’t know why, in his route chapter 02 and the other route too Luke seem don’t want to let mc use magic. i only play his route, so i don’t know if it get explained in other route.

    btw, do you also have any idea how long was mc /alice been slept before her met joker in cave (prologue)? sorry if ask many things, i hope you don’t mind to read and answer my question.

    you can delete my comment if this contain a spoiler, and thank you. i hope for your reply!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the comment 🙂 Personally I think Luke doesn’t like Alice using magic because it makes her more apart of Wonderland, and he wants to take her back to the real world. I think he always thinks magic might be a bit dangerous and he’s very overprotective of Alice 😛 For your second question, I’m actually not sure how long! It’s a really good question because Luke is already established in Wonderland, by the time Alice wakes up. But Luke came to Wonderland after Alice! So I’m actually not sure of the answer, I’m hoping that there may be a Spinner of Tales route in the future which will give us more answers 🙂 Thanks for reading my post <3!


      1. thank you for answering my question. i have three more question, i hope you don’t mind to read and answer it again (pretty please :’D).

        i have no idea who the hell is chronus and isaac. i wonder why both of them doesn’t appear in luke, joker, kyle route but show up in owen, and sidd (because i’m only play luke route x’D).

        and why in owen, and sidd route chronus seem the antagonist? where the hell is spinner of taler? or what happen to him, is him dissapear (like what happend in the end luke route?)?

        the last question, what it’s the ‘Time’ who often being the main conflict in owen, also sidd route?

        i’m apologize because i asking too many question, i really like this fandom and i interested to know more about the plot and conflict in this game. i hope you don’t mind to answer my question, even it contain a lot of spoiler. thank you and have a nice day!

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      2. Hiya! It’s completely fine, I really like talking about this series with other people because I love it too 🙂 So the way that the game is set is that there are 2 overarching story lines – with 3 guys in each. The first overarching story line is the spinner of tales and that deals with Luke, Kyle and Joker. The second overarching story line is that about Time and how Alice needs to be sacrificed so Wonderland can have infinite time. I suppose they created two different stories as they thought that it might be boring having 6 routes based around the same conflict – the spinner of tales. So they divided it into spinner of tales and Chronus. Because the two sets are divided, Chronus doesn’t appear in the Spinner of Tale routes and Spinner of Tales won’t appear in Chronus routes 🙂 . The ‘Time’ that is discussed in Owen and Sidd’s route is because Wonderland has ‘limited’ time so Sidd (as the bearer of Time) takes time from ‘our’ world to give to Wonderland. That’s why Isaac (another character in the Time route) is asleep as Sidd stole 10 years from him for Wonderland. Chronus found out that if Alice sacrifices herself Wonderland can run forever and there would be no need to steal anymore time from ‘our’ world. I hope that answers your questions! Let me know if you have anymore 😀 :D!


      3. Hello, sorry for the late reply.

        Thank you so much for keep answering my question, i’m really appreciate your answer.

        i apologize if i asking too many question, and i’m so sorry if that make you feel uncomfortable.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That’s okay! I honestly love answering these questions, so you don’t need to worry :)!! I get really happy when people are so interested in the game that I love 😀 :D!


    1. Hiya! For me I found that Luke’s route had a ‘true route’ vibe. It’s definitely not the true route as SWD games don’t have one, and when I ended up playing other routes I kinda felt sorry for Luke during them. But that’s just my opinion 🙂


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