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Owen Chester – Shall We Date? Lost Alice+ Endings & Walkthrough

In ‘Lost Alice’, you’ve stumbled into the world of Wonderland. There are (now) four gorgeous men available to help you guide you on your adventure. Check out the r my prologue/ first impressions post to read what happens beforehand. This time I went with the lovely Chess King, Owen. As I mentioned in my post about Luke, the graphics and story were incredibly, especially for a free app.  I did get REALLY frustrated with trying to get enough Lapis for premium routes, and I found that it wasn’t really worth it. What was really fantastic about the game was that there wasn’t just the main story, there were heaps of special events, short and side stories.. Overall it’s a really fantastic free game.

Recommended Play through Order:  Joker, Kyle, Luke, Owen

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Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

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  • A prince
  • What is it that you want, Owen?
  • (I need to tread cautiously)
  • Help me
  • Someone dependable
  • Why is Owen acting so different?
  • Because I’m Alice?
  • Is it okay for you to talk about it?
  • I suppose I have no choice
  • Are you going to protect me
  • Will you show me how to use magic?
  • What are you doing here?
  • What do you think I am?
  • For the future
  • It’s enough that you feel that way
  • You’re not fooling anybody
  • What do you think of me?
  • I want nothing
  • You’re mistaken
  • I’ll never forget about you
  • I want to stay with you, Owen
  • That’s not very fun
  • My special someone
  • He’s not a bad person at all
  • That’s a shoddy reason

The Story

After the prologue you wake up in the Chess Kingdom, with Owain looking over you. He continues to call you ‘Alice’ despite you obvious disdain for it. Owain invites you for dinner, and he explains Wonderland to you, and that everyone has been waiting for your arrival. You again bring up the topic of ‘Alice’ and he explains that people of Wonderland can be punished for not calling you ‘Alice’ – it is a mark of respect, and a rule. However he proudly acknowledges you as Alice. As you two talk you realise that whenever he mentions ‘time’ your head throbs. The next morning you and Owen meet ‘The Bearer of Time’, who is just Sidd (the March Hare). As they talk your head begins to throb again, you remember being in a hospital with a man named Isaac. You remember the Spinner of Tales appearing, saying the if you go to Wonderland, you can save Isaac by regaining his ‘time’.


You ask Sidd if he can introduce you to the ‘Timekeeper’, but he and Owen refuse. You attempt to sneak out with Sidd’s ‘time’ packages, but Owen catches you! Later that night, as your sleeper, you think about how much like a prisoner you feel in the Chess Castle. You creep out to Owen’s office, where he is talking to Kyle. He apologises to him for taking you away, but Kyle tells him that he did the right thing. Apparently ‘Chronus’ (The Timekeeper) is after the time you have. The next morning Owen comes to your room, and you ask him to help you. Later, he invites you to explore outside of the castle. He takes you to the two main cities, and you are impressed by how much the people respect and admire him. You also bump into Joker and Tweedle Dum and Dum – the twins barrage you with questions, but Joker steers them away so you can have alone time with Owen.


A few days later, Al comes by with a message from the Queen of Hearts. She’s invited you to a tea party, and Owen decides to come with you. When you arrive you see Luke (Hatter), and a memory tugs at you. Before you can explore it any further, Chronus appears. He’s disappointed that you haven’t become ‘Alice’ and chastises Owen for not preparing you. Chronus disappears, and Owen excuses the two of you from the party, as Luke and the Queen are left in confusion. Owen transports the two of you back to the Chess Kingdom, you question Owen about being ‘Alice’ and how he views you. Owen tells you about years ago, when he talked to Chronus about taking time from the real world. That the time is needed to keep Wonderland running, the only way to keep Wonderland going forever, is to take Alice’s time. Owen is conflicted, his first duty is to his people, but he doesn’t want to harm anybody.

Owen Lost Alice Chapter 5.jpg

The next day, you stand at the balcony, conflicted about your role. Owen come to you, and says a party will be held as it is the anniversary of his ascension, and you have to attend. He’s even prepared a gown for you, when you arrive at the party everyone compliments how gorgeous you look. The Duchess appears and asks to be your friend, but then Owen whisks you away for a dance. As you dance, you tell Owen that you want to find a way to save both the people in the real world and in Wonderland, he’s surprised but also happy. That night, Owen visits you in your chambers, saying how much he appreciates what you said.


The next day, Owen and you decide to visit the giant library to see if you can find more information on time. He brings out a book on ‘time’, however the two of you are dragged inside the book, and must get to the last page. Owen uses his magic to protect you, and tells you to stay by his side. Owen also promises to teach you magic. As you walk you tell him about Isaac, how he saved you when you fell and hurt your ankle and how he is like a big brother to you. The two of you reach the end page, and you find what Chronus said was true. For Wonderland to run forever, Alice must give up her time, and remain in Wonderland in an eternal sleep. When you return back to the Chess Kingdom you have a horrible nightmare about Isaac and the other people with the Malady of Time begging you to give up your time. Owen comes into comfort you, promising that together you’ll find a different way.

Lost Alice Owen chapter 8.jpg

The next day Owen and you make a plan to visit Sidd, so he can tell you more information on Chronus and time. He tries to run away but the two of you corner him, and eventually decide to visit the Kingdom of Time. Luke is confused and offers to help, but you have to turn him down. It’s too dangerous for residents of Wonderland to know about ‘time’. You end up deciding to take a train to the Kingdom of Time, as you travel to reaffirm your resolve. You tell Owen you want to make sure all the residents of Wonderland can keep living, without having to sacrifice anyone. Suddenly Owen leans in to kiss you, you’re shocked by how passionate he is. He’s about to explain why he kissed you, when the train arrives and to two of you must alight.

Lost Alice Owen chapter 9.jpg

The castle is locked, so Owen uses transformation magic to appear as Sidd and talk to the residents of the kingdom. The residents inform you that the castle only opens are certain times, so you and Owen must spend the night together in a hotel. When you praise Owen for how great his magic and acting is, he starts pulling at your cheeks and teasing you. The next morning you enter the castle and come face to face with Chronus, he’s happy to see that you’ve almost become Alice. Owen tries to explain that you want to come to a solution together but Chronus begins to fight. Owen has to fight back, but he can’t harm Chronus otherwise Wonderland will be destroyed. In the midst of the fight, you feel an arm tug you, and you and Owen are pulled into the world of lost tales. The tales tell you that they have infinite time, since they were never born, and will give it to Wonderland. You promise that you will never forget the tales, and return back to Chronus, giving him the time. He’s in shock and uses it, and it works – Wonderland will now exist forever!

Lost Alice Owen Chapter 11.jpg

After you give eternal time to Wonderland, you return back to the real world to check on Isaac. Owen joins you, and you’re a bit miffed at how much attention he gets from the ladies of your world. Isaac is awake and incredibly happy to see you, but distrustful of Owen. You promise that Owen will protect and look after you, and Isaac hesitantly acknowledges him. Back at your home, Owen pushes you down, promising to love and protect you. You guys have some sexy time. The Spinner of Tales also promises to re-write the lost tales, and spread them across Wonderland.

Lost Alice Owen Chapter 13.jpg

You later return to Wonderland, Owen is busy with all the paperwork he missed while he was on your adventure. While you explore his two kingdoms, the people come up to you, asking how your relationship is going. Later Owen calls you to his office to talk about something…

Broken Heart Ending

Lost Alice Owen Chester Broken heart end.jpg

Owen asks you to meet him in the balcony, and you become excited. As you walk to the balcony you feel incredible pain and collapse. You turn around the see Chronus, he’s holding Alice’s time. He says that the time that you had given him wasn’t enough, and now you’ve become the ‘true’ Alice, he can use your time. You fall into an eternal sleep.

Promised Future Ending

Lost Alice Owen Promised  Future Ending.jpg

Owen asks you to meet him in the real world, after his duties are complete. A few days later you do, he has a bouquet of roses and proposes to you.You accept and the two of you begin to kiss, but Isaac comes in! Owen tries to shoo him away but Isaac grumbles and say he should treat you with respect. You try to  get Owen to shut up, if Isaac knew how far you’d gone he might faint. You return to the chess kingdom the next day and announce your engagement, the people of the kingdom are so pleased.

You are reading some newly spun tale from the Spinner of Tales, when Owen comes in. He asks that when the two of you have children, you’ll read these tales to them. You begin to get flustered and want to tease him by taking the lead. You kiss him and he draws you in, and you become breathless and dizzy. As he takes you to bed you think how happy you’ll be together in eternal Wonderland.

Destined Love Ending

Lost Alice Owen Destined Lovers Ending.jpg

Owen asks you to meet him on the balcony later on. You arrive, and he is already waiting, he hands you a pocket watch, one that he ordered and designed himself. He then kneels down and proposes, wanting your time and offering his time to you. You accept, and Owen throws an engagement party. The entire kingdom is buzzing with the news, and everyone congratulates you, including the Duchess and Kyle.Owen and you retire to your room, to rest. You admit that you’re incredibly tired and Owen says that as his wife, you’ll have many duties, but he’ll look after you and make sure you are always happy. You tell him that you love the people of Wonderland, and you don’t mind any duties.

Years later you are reading one of the forsaken tales newly spun by the Spinner of Tales to your daughter.Everyday the three of you live in happiness, with your perseverance and positivity the world was blessed.

Completion Picture

Owen Lost ALice main story complete.jpg

Early Completion Picture (5th Feb)

Owen Lost Alice early bird main story.jpg

Dress Up Picture

Lost Alice Owen dress up.jpg

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    1. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply. I believe that Owen acts kind of like a politician. So he makes sure that the country is running properly, talks to other country representatives (Like the Queen of Hearts) and just general political things 🙂


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