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Lost Alice: The Sweetest Pleasure – Luke, Kyle and Joker Guide

NTT Solmare has released their first side story for ‘Lost Alice’ called ‘The Sweetest Pleasure’. You can choose either Luke, Kyle or Joker, each route has 3 chapters and 2 different endings. After completing all the endings you unlock a special ‘sensual’ picture. The choices you make in the story do not affect the ending. Below is what happens in each of the endings and the special picture you get. Spoiler alert -all the special pictures look awkward af.

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Luke Estheim (The Hatter)

Lost Alice The Sweetest Pleasure Luke.png

Tweedle Dee and Dum complain about their friends breaking up, you begin to worry about your relationship with Luke. As you walk home you come across some unique fruit, but you don’t eat it. That night you have an erotic dream about Luke feeding you that fruit, the next day at the tea party, that’s all you can think about. Even when you return to the real world, you still have dreams of Luke serving you the fruit. In a daze you go to Wonderland and find the fruit, you finally find your “addictive sweet poison”.

Luke has an uneasy feeling, he notices how strangely you have been acting. He begins to search for you, and eventually finds you in the forrest munching on the fruit. You try to force Luke to eat the fruit, and you give him a sweet kiss, he tries to pull away but you give him a deeper kiss. He eventually pushes you away, and notices how in a trance you are. Kyle appears, and you explain the situation to him. You get a mischievous idea and try to feed Kyle the same way you tried to feed Luke – with a kiss! Luke quickly intervenes , after pulling you away, Kyle begins to explain the bewitching honey fruit.The fruit erodes reasoning and self control Kyle promises to make an antidote.  Luke takes you back home you become increasingly upset and anxious over your relationship with Luke. You begin to kiss but Kyle throws a bottle on Luke’s head, interrupting your moment of passion.

Sweet Pleasure Ending

Lost Alice the Sweetest Pleasure Luke end.png

Luke drinks a bit of the antidote and passes it to via mouth to mouth. The fog in your mind gradually clears and the two of you return to your sense. You’re incredibly embarrassed and tell Luke you were so anxious after hearing about Dee and Dum’s friends breaking up. Luke begins listing all the things that he loves about you, and promises to never leave you.

Sweet Poison Ending

Lost Alice the sweetest pleasure luke sweet poison .png

Luke gives you the antidote, and you begin to return to normal. You explain that you be are anxious after your conversation with Dee and Dum. He tries to convince you that he’ll stay with you forever. However a little bit of the poison has infected him from the kiss before, he throws the antidote away and begins kissing you non-stop.

Kyle Knock (Cheshire Cat)

Lost Alice The Sweetest Pleasure Kyle.png

On your way to a date with Kyle, a strange man stops you, trying to offer you some fruit. You find him incredibly suspicious, and continue on your way. You continue on your way to meet Kyle and the two of you eat cakes in town. However you begin to think about that sweet fruit the strange man tried to force on you. The next morning you go into your kitchen to find the sweet fruit there!  You begin to eat it, and suddenly the man appears behind you, you push him away and demand him to give you more of the fruit.You decide to share the sweet fruits with Kyle.

You skip over to Kyle’s house and show him the fruit. He immediately recognises it, you try to offer him a piece, but he’s hesitant. You get upset when he pushes the fruit away, and he consoles you, promising to create the antidote. As he begins to leave you push him down, not wanting to be alone. He tells you that he wants to make the antidote so that you can be together, when you’re back to normal.

The pedlar who sold you the fruit suddenly appears, and is grossly checking out your body. He’s angry about before and demands some payment. However Kyle sends him flying out the door. However with him distracted, you get a piece of honey fruit and feed it to him…

Sweet Pleasure Ending

Lost Alice the sweetest pleasure sweet ending Kyle.png

Kyle is slowly being overtaken by the poison, he does his best to resist. His hands are at his side, clenched and he looks away from you. He suddenly spots the antidote the pedlar tried to sell you, using his magic, he summons it to him. You kiss him to distract him, but he manages to pull away, getting the bottle and giving you the antidote.  Both of you healed, he pulls you closer to him, wanting to continue where you left off.

Sweet Poison Ending

Lost Alice the sweetest pleasure Kyle poison ending.png

The nectar quickly overtakes Kyle, he uses his magic to tie you up with pink ribbons. He’s angry that the pedlar saw your body, and he rains kisses over you. He then carries you to his bed, for a moment your mind clears and you realise how intense he’s being. He promises that he’ll never let you out of the house, he’s placed a magic spell so that only he can leave and enter, as he pleases, you’re trapped. He promises to always give you the Honey Fruit and the  two of you sink into carnal desire.

Joker Braze

Lost Alice The Sweetest Joker.png

You’re doing grocery shopping in Wonderland when you buy some plums. When you return home you notice the grocer has given you one extra, strange fruit. As you decide what to do with it, Joker visits and you quickly ride the fruit away.  The two of you eat regular fruit, but you can’t get your mind off the strange one. Joker notices and jokes that you may be thinking of another man, he kisses you deeply. In your dreams you see the strange pink fruit, you wake up and see that it’s the middle of the night, Joker sleeps beside you. You quietly sneak out of bed and eat the fruit.

As you eat the fruit the sweetness erodes your mind. You decide to feed Joker some of the fruit, as you lean closer to him, he suddenly wakes up. He initially believes that you are trying to have some sexy time, but you tell him about the fruit. Joker uses his magic to put you to sleep, promising to find the antidote. You wake up a few hours later and Joker is nowhere to be seen, you’re filled with overwhelming anxiety. You hear some noises outside and find Joker picking herbs in the garden. You fling yourself out the window at him, he manages to catch you, and you two kiss…

Sweet Pleasure Ending

Lost Alice Sweetest Pleasure Joker Sweet ending.png

After kissing Joker, you begin to feel sleepy, and you dream of the fruit once again. You struggle with the fruit’s temptation but you push it aside, thinking of Joker. You wake up in your room, Joker is there with the antidote.He passes the antidote to you through his mouth, it’s surprisingly bitter. Joker tells you that he wants a favour for saving you, and the two of you spend time in bed till morning.

Sweet Poison Ending

Lost Alice Sweetest Pleasure Joker Poison ending.png

When you kissed Joker you managed to slip some of the fruit to him. Jokers takes you back to the bedroom and the two of you madly kiss. The next morning Luke visits your house, Joker greets him and tells him that you won’t be able to make it to the tea party. You’re anxious without him, but when Joker returns he tells you, he’ll never let you see another man. There’s a spark of madness in his eyes, but you don’t mind it, you two are the perfect couple.

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