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Kyle Knock– Shall We Date? Lost Alice+ Endings & Walkthrough

In ‘Lost Alice’, you’ve stumbled into the world of Wonderland. There are four gorgeous men available to help you guide you on your adventure. Check out my prologue/ first impressions post to read what happens beforehand. This time I went with Kyle, the sexy and cool Cheshire Cat. As I mentioned in my post about Luke, the graphics and story were incredible, especially for a free app.  I did get REALLY frustrated with trying to get enough Lapis for premium routes, and I found that it wasn’t really worth it. What was really fantastic about the game was that there wasn’t just the main story, there were heaps of special events, short and side stories.. Overall it’s a really fantastic free game.

Recommended Play through Order:  Joker, Kyle, Luke, Owen

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Luke    |     Kyle     |    Joker   |   Owen   |   Sidd  |  Chronus  |   Ace  |   Neil  | Spinner of Tales

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Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

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  • Waiting…?
  • …Thank you
  • Absolutely not!
  • May I borrow your sofa?
  • It’s partly my fault too
  • Why don’t you be as mean as you like?
  • Do whatever you want
  • I want to clear the air
  • We seem to be stuck together
  • I’ll never forgive you
  • That’s not it at all
  • It was my fault
  • Because I’m beautiful?
  • I knew you would come right away
  • But you’re on my side, right?
  • I have wondered
  • Kyle’s existence is important
  • I don’t want to be apart from you
  • But I’m still not ready…
  • Don’t give up!
  • I have to go back to Wonderland!
  • I want to save Kyle!
  • I’m not your Alice
  • Let’s start our new tale together

The Story

Kyle Lost Alice Chapter 1.jpg

You awaken in the forrest, with Kyle smiling at you. You begin to worry as you can’t remember anything. Kyle teases you, and you huff and walk away, but he follows you. He tells you that he has been waiting for you, but you emphasise that he’s waiting for ‘Alice’ not you. He tells you that he will help you find your home, you agree, but on the condition that he calls you by your name. The two of you head to the main streets of Wonderland, and are greeted by Tweedle Dee and Dum and a number of other Wonderland Residents. You try to calm everyone down but the crowd is getting bigger and bigger, that’s when Kyle  steps in and protects you. The two of you escape and meet the March Hare, who warns you that the Hatter won’t like the two of you spending time together. Kyle becomes annoyed that you’re thinking about the Hatter and wants you to promise to only ever think about him.

Kyle Lost Alice Chapter 2.jpg

The two of you continue to explore, and even find an imposing gate. As you grow tired, and still can’t find your home, Kyle suggests sleeping at his. You are apprehensive but eventually agree, when you arrive, you cook dinner. He insists that you take the bed, and you fall into a deep sleep. When you wake up the next morning, Kyle is wrapped around you, you push him out of the bed. Luke (the Hatter) bursts into the room, and tries to take you away from Kyle. The two end up having a magic fight, you demand the two to stop and leave the room as you’re still in your pjs. Kyle teaches you to do some magic, but Luke isn’t too happy about it. Al, the White Rabbit, suddenly appears and invites you to see the Queen of Hearts.

Kyle Lost Alice Chapter 3.jpg

Luke wishes to join you to visit the Queen but he has to host a tea party. When you meet the Queen she asks for your name and calls you by it, surprising everyone around. She promises to help you if you ever need it. As you and Kyle make your way back, you question him on whether you can actually trust him. You are left with many questions, but you continue on your way to the City of Light. You bump into the Chess King, who needs to talk with Kyle, so you and Al are left to your own devices. Al ends up running off, and as you search for him you spot Kyle and Owen talking about you, and that it’s Kyle’s duty to keep you in Wonderland. Upset, you rush away into the woods, and are attacked by a creature. You try to fight the creature, but you aren’t strong enough. Luckily Kyle comes to the rescue (again). When the battle is over you confront him, he asks you if you are still certain that you want to regain your memories.

Kyle Lost Alice Chapter 5.jpg

Kyle agrees to take you back to ‘Alice’s House’,  he tells you that he genuinely enjoyed the time the two of you spent together. You’re about to go to sleep but Joker appears in your bedroom, he questions you about your relationship with Kyle and your memories. He offer to help you reclaim your memories, and you agree. The two of you go back to the forbidden gate, you enter and go to the lake and take a sip of water. You quickly begin to remember your life in the real world, your parent’s death and the Spinner of Tales offering you a place in Wonderland. Kyle appears and holds you, he’s angry that you had to suffer through remembering your old life, but you defend it, saying you needed to know.


Kyle continues to hold you and apologise. He tells you that he wanted to protect you, and create a Wonderland which you would love. The next day, you begin to feel the pain of loosing your parents once again. Kyle, asks you out on a date to help keep your mind off of it. The two of you visit a flower garden, he gives you the roses and chocolate and the two of you are having a lovely time. Later you go to the main town to buy some fruit, and you meet the Duchess who helps you. Al also finds you, and apologises for leaving you behind in the City of Light. That evening you talk to Kyle, you are slowly forgetting the memories you regained, and are becoming ‘Alice’. You are determined to return to the real world, and Kyle agrees to help you. Kyle Lost Alice Chapter 6.jpg

You return back to the Chess Kingdom, and talk to Owen. That night Owen invites you to the library, where you learn about Kyle’s past. Kyle was a forgotten tale saved by the Spinner of Tales, Kyle’s entire existence is his role, if he cannot fulfil the role of ‘guiding’ Alice, he will no longer exist. Kyle’s existence is dependent on you. When you return home, you hold Kyle and tell him that his existence has meaning. You and Kyle begin to prepare to return to the real world, but you worry about what the Spinner of Tales will do. In the morning, Kyle leaves without waking you, you run around trying to find him. Eventually Joker tells you he is in the Lost Woods, you find the mirror you first came out of, and Kyle is there. The two of you confess your love for one another, but the Spinner of Tales appears. Kyle begins pushing you towards the mirror as he gets ready to fight him.


You wake up in the Real World, but the Queen of Hearts is there! She’s a woman from the Real World too, and she tells you where you can find Kyle – you need to go to the Forgotten Tales. You call out to Kyle with all your might, and a page with his name begins to glow until he appears before you. You tell Kyle that from now on he can weave his own tale and be the master of his own destiny. The two of you begin finding a way out of the Lost Tales, and are in a pure white dimension. The Spinner of Tales is there, and you tell him that you are not his Alice. He begins to fight, but Kyle protects you, and breaks the Spinner’s quill. The dimension turns dark, as you wander through together, Al comes to save you, and you return in front of the mirror. Everyone congratulates you, and you tell everyone they can live their life freely.

The two of you decide to build your future together….

Broken Heart Ending

Kyle Lost Alice Broken Heart ending.jpg

As you and Kyle wander through the darkness, the Spinner of Tales posses you. He uses his ability and Kyle disappears, as you enter the real world, you forget about Wonderland. A few months later you are sitting at your desk writing about ‘Wonderland’ and the characters in it as a story. You think about including the Cheshire Cat, but throw the piece of paper away instead.

Promised Future Ending

Kyle Lost Alice Promised Future Ending.jpg

You and Kyle decide to return to the Real World, Kyle is still able to use magic there, and hides his ears and tail. He promises that the two of you will be together forever. You and Kyle also go to visit the Chess Kingdom. While he and Owen play chess , you the Queen and the Duchess sit and chat. You talk about how Kyle has  opened up since meeting you. Dee and Dum arrive , and chastise Kyle for leaving you alone while he plays chess. To ‘spice things up’, they throw a giant water ballon at you and Kyle dives in to the rescue.Kyle gives you a spicy kiss, the two of you happily live your lives between both worlds.

Destined Love Ending


Kyle and you decide to go to the real world, but you’re anxious about whether you can even get through the mirror. Before you go through the mirror, Kyle tells you he wants to spend the rest of the his life with you, proposes to you and gives you a passionate kiss. Of course, you accept his proposal, and together you go through the mirror. The two of you live happily in the Real World, , you guide him through day to day life. You still sometimes pop by Wonderland, and you tell Kyle that you need to head there to give Owen a ‘real’ chessboard. Kyle isn’t too happy, and you realise he’s jealous. Kyle pushes you down on the bed, promising you that you won’t be able to get him out of your head when he’s done.

n the morning, he’s cuddled up next to you, telling you that he loves you so much he can’t control himself. You tell him, you’ll forgive him if he gives you a good morning kiss.

Dress Up


Completion Picture


Alice in the land of Wah!

Kyle Lost Alice World of Wah.jpg

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  1. hello! i wanted to ask. to get the completion photo, do we need to finish all ending in one route? 🙂 thanks in advance for you if you answer my question! ❤

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    1. Hiya! Yep, so to get the completion photo you need to complete all endings. You can do this by purchasing the endings with lapis or replaying the route 🙂


  2. This was my first and favorite route in Lost Alice so far! I played his story because he is a cat, and fell in love with him! I’m trying to get his last endings. Thank you for sharing the pictures and walk through! Hopefully more people will play this game 🙂

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