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Cafe ma cherie -Otome of Ikemen Cafe First Impressions

‘Cafe ma Cherie’ is a new game by DeareaD (which looks like a new otome developer!). You’re a scholarship Uni student, working 3 jobs to support your younger sister after the death of your parents. By some awful stroke of luck, all 3 of the places you work at close down! You’re stuck until two handsome men approach you on the street, inviting you to check out their workplace. They work at an ‘Ikemen Cafe’, a cafe where all the waiters are drop dead gorgeous guys. You’re immediately hired, and begin your life working alongside the babes, the only problem is that, you’re a girl, and they don’t know it. 

The Guys

Ikemen Cafe Souta.jpg

Ikemen Cafe Leo

Ikemen Cafe Ryo.jpg


This game is completely free, and each day you can play 5 ‘chapters’. Gems to pay for chapters reset at Midnight, or you can watch a video to recover a gem (3 times) or occasionally tweet/ line/ fb about the game to get an extra one. Unfortunately the 3 times video doesn’t work for me, I can only ever recover one gem and it won’t let me do anymore. The interface is really simple, there’s no mini games or dress up, you just read the chapters, which I enjoy, I’m getting a bit sick of mini games.

One thing that is annoying me is that the ‘chapters’ are incredibly short! Like 4 lines of dialogue and then its done, to start a chapter there’s a loading screen and after a chapter there’s another loading screen, that takes you back to the homepage.It would be much better if at the end of each chapter you could immediately select to go to the next chapter, or go home.

For the story, it looks quite interesting, it’s kinda like a mini ‘Ouran High School Host Club’. All the guys seem very different to one another, and their personalities really stand out, it’s a bit typical ‘sweet’, ‘calm’ and ‘grumpy’, but I don’t mind it too much. Also random aside, the MC, looks very androgynous, and very much like me, so immersion, for me, is at 100%!

Overall, the game is a very interesting start for a new Otome company. As I mentioned above, the only real issue is the ‘loading’, but I usually play my Otome games between TV ad breaks so its not too much of an issue for me, but I can see it being frustrating for other people. But it looks like quite a sweet, fun game. I ended up choosing Ryo’s route, one full ‘volume’ takes maybe 8 gems. So hopefully I can write a review of his route by the end of next week 🙂

The  game is available on the App store and Google Play.

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