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Out of Control BL Webtoon!

‘Out of Control’ is a BL webtoon by Bbong. The story focuses on Yuri, the epitome of beauty and grace, and Jaerim is..ugly. After Jaerim is rejected from joining the Student Council due to his looks, Yuri mockingly tells him “But keep trying! Ugly Duckling!” Jaerim, fuelled by those words, works his hardest, eventually joining the council, but Yuri uses begins using him as his personal errand boy. Jaerim finds out that Yuri’s past trauma makes him hate ugly people. But despite that, Yuri begins to develop romantic feelings for Jaerim. How will their relationship develop?

out of control webtoon

I’m always really interested in reading Korean webcomics that comment on beauty vs. ugliness in society, so I was instantly drawn to this Prince and Ugly Duckling story. The story also touches on some other quite delicate topics such as bullying, confidence and body image issues. The story doesn’t just feature Jaerim and Yuri as a couple, there are two other couples, but the story is mainly dedicated to JY. I actually really enjoyed reading this series until the last 4 chapters. The dynamics between Yuri and Jaerim were so lovely and heart warming, but there was also real respect in their relationship. It started off rocking and Jaemin challenges Yuri’s biases and shows him how hard working he is. With Yuri’s past trauma it was actually quite a complex story and not just some stupid throwaway of “I hate ugly people cause they’re ugly”. The art is definitely unique, but it’s one of the reason I loved this series.

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I can’t really talk about why the last 4 chapters, and in fact parts of this series really irked me without a spoiler warning, but to sum up for those who want to skip past, there are some scenes of sexual assault in this series, which are handled awfully. For example one fo the other couple’s are childhood best friends, and once they got to high school the Seme began to bully the Uke for liking comics. The Seme then started assaulting the Uke, and then once the bullying is resolved, there’s absolutely no apology and their relationship continues fine and dandy!?

Massive Spoiler Warning for the last 4 chapters – skip to the pic to avoid. 

Jaerim become really good friends with this other guy, but it’s a massive ploy by the school’s gang of girls. They force the good friend to begin assaulting Jaerim while they film. One of the girl’s brings Yuri so he can see what’s happening. INSTEAD OF SAVING HIS FREAKING BOYFRIEND, YURI RUNS AWAY THINKING HIS BOYFRIEND IS CHEATING ON HIM. Like yeah you freaking idiot, your boyfriend is definitely cheating on you, in a school shed, surrounded by 30 girls, while crying. And in the chapter just before this all happens, Jaerim and Yuri have this massive heart to heart talking about how they’ll be together forever. Then the author decides to shit on all that. Thankfully, someone stops Yuri and tells him to go back, and Yuri manages to save Jaerim. But I honestly could not believe what I was reading. The chapter after, when they’re all lovey dovey again, seemed like such a lie, and honestly made me sick.

Out of Control webtoon

If you do read this series, I recommend skipping chapters 78 – 81,  read chapter 77 and then just go straight to chapter 82. What happened in chapters 78-81 just really ruined this series for me, and made me sick to my stomach.

You can read ‘Out of Control’ at Lezhim Comics.

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6 thoughts on “Out of Control BL Webtoon!

  1. It’s a pity when that happens, a good series ruined by just a few pages. Sadly it really does happen and I have to agree. It was a real wtf moment.

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    1. Can you tell me what happen with Yuri
      and Jaerim? Did they broke up with there relationship or something like that ? Please tell me

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      1. Heya! Sorry i should have made it clear in my post. It does have a happy ending. After the unfortunate chapters that I’ll pretend don’t exist, the two of them talk about their feelings for one another and essentially promise to stay together :)!


  2. As unbelievable those chapter were to some, I still find it’s an essential part of the story that the author developed just as the other chapters. In life, things aren’t perfect and can come just as easily as they go, so I don’t entirely hate the chapters because it could be something that happens, and it could be a little trigger to future events that was necessary.

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    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I do agree that of course in any relationship there are ups and downs and that the relationship and story progress by overcoming them. Such as Yuri overcoming his trauma with ugly people and learning how to trust again. I just found that the ‘challenge’ in the chapters i refered to, being the main character sexually assaulted, was very distasteful. As well as Yuri’s to be very out of character and stupid, he sees his lover crying with a guy on top of him surrounded by people and thinks it must be consensual!?

      Those chapters really don’t add anything to the story nor the relationship. Especially since the series actually ends a few chapters after that tangent. Rather those chapters almost ended the series on a sour note and threw away all the character development of Yuri learning to trust again.


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