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Sidd Rex: Lost Alice Walkthrough (Shall We Date?)

A new ‘Lost Alice’ character has just been released – the sexy Sidd Rex! I’m so excited, when I first played Lost Alice, I really wanted to date Sidd, and now he’s finally here! You can check out my prologue/ first impressions post to read what happens before you begin Sidd’s journey.  Along with Sidd’s released, they’ve also changed a few things with the game. The mini game is back to the regular style match with other players (which I really really hate) but the sweet stories remain! They’ve also changed the style gotcha into clothing categories rather than organised by the babes. They’ve also revealed that Chronus will be a dateable character in the future! I’m not sure how I feel about him, but it will be interesting nonetheless 🙂


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Recommended Play through Order:  Joker, Kyle, Luke, Owen

To check out the route guides click below

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Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

Rather than doing one big post once I’ve finished the game, I figured I might do an ongoing post. So people who are playing the game can check back for the walkthrough 🙂

Sidd Rex info


Unless specified, the answers will be the best answer.

  • Why don’t we have some tea, as well?
  • I like you too, Sidd
  • A place where people gather
  • I’m going, no matter what
  • I think I might be blushing  (Thanks Miki <3)!
  • Good luck with work, Sidd!
  • There’s something important I have to tell you
  • If that is indeed what Isaac and the others want
  • I didn’t stop to think that you might have your own reasons
  • …Thank you, Sidd
  • Thank you, Sidd
  • Because I just can’t let it go
  • I’m not that nice
  • …I don’t know
  • Yes, we’re the best of friends
  • I won’t give up either!
  • Since when?
  • You’re the one I love, Sidd
  • Let’s go
  • Like kissing?
  • You’re a coward
  • …I really like you
  • You never said anything about that
  • I want to go with you, Sidd
  • I’m so happy now
  • Not really

Massive thank you to Little Mrs Otaku for the final answers <3!


Sidd Rex chapter 1 CG.jpg

Midway through the tea party with Luke and Sidd you begin to feel faint. You wake up in ‘Alice’s House’ with Sidd looking over you. Luke appears and explains the situation, he’s hesitant to leave you with Sidd, but trusts him to protect you. Luke makes a specific point to tell Sidd to keep you away from Kyle. You and Sidd have some tea and relax, Sidd then suggests that he take you around Wonderland. You agree happily, hoping that it will help you recover your memories. You wander around Wonderland for a while, and Sidd even buys you a present! Eventually decide to head back to the Tea Party.

Lost Alice Sidd Rex chapter 2 CG.jpg

When Sidd and you return to the tea party you notice Deedle Dee and Dum have arrived too! They cause a bit of a ruckus, but eventually quiet down when Sidd announces he has to go to work. You stubbornly claim that you want to accompany him, the mention of ‘time’ stirs something in you. You believe you can recover your memories if you travel with him.

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  1. For the “Thank you” option, I picked the first choice and got “okay” so the last option, “I think I might be blushing..”(?) is probably the best choice.

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      1. Oh my gosh that would be amazing!!! I usually get my answers by going between my ipad and phone, and it’s a very slowly process >_<!! Thank you so much <3!!


  2. Hello, i have a question. i hope you don’t mind to read and answer it :’D

    Sorry, i know if i should play his (Sidd) route for know more information about him, but too bad i’m don’t have a spare time :”D

    well, i have one question. what is exactly Sidd job? (as a march hare and bearer of time)

    thank you very much, i really appreciate whatever your answer. and i’m sorry if i bothering you by asking too many question :’D.

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    1. That’s okay! It takes a long time to get through the routes 🙂 Sidd’s job (as the bearer of time) is to take ‘time’ from ‘our’ world to Wonderland. So Sidd could take 10 years of time from a human being and give that 10 years to Wonderland. By taking the time he keeps wonderland running (along with Chronus the time guy)


      1. sorry for very late reply.

        i want to say thank you so much for answering my question, your answer are really mean alot for me.

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