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Mystic Messenger April Fools DLC Endings & Review

To celebrate the lovely Zen’s birthday (April 1), Chertiz has released a new DLC – ‘April Fools’! This DLC comes with 25 new CGs, and 3 different endings, from just 1 day’s chat. In the chat Zen is getting increasingly annoyed with RFA for always giving him awful presents on his birthday or pulling an elaborate prank. However this time, not everything is as it seems, the RFA members are quite themselves and all the CGs they send are…3D!? How will Zen celebrate his birthday in this weird new dimension!?

A lot of people found this DLC really funny and cute, maybe I’m just being mean, but I didn’t really think it was worth the 60 hour glasses. Sure it was funny at times, but not laugh out loud funny. I was getting frustrated with the 3D ‘normal’ CGS until I got to Normal Ending 2 and was like “OOOOHHH” but yeah I would have preferred lots of pretty pictures of Zen.

To get the different endings

  • Good ending – support Zen
  • Normal Ending 1 – tease Zen
  • Normal Ending 2 – support Zen while gently tell him you are in different places

Spoilers below~

Good Ending

April DLC good ending Mystic Messenger.pngIn the ‘Good Ending’, Zen wakes up from a  long nap super confused and logs onto the messenger. He questions why everyone is back to normal and its revealed the RFA has been trying to get in contact with him all day! They planned a surprise party for Zen’s birthday and to celebrate you joining them, but neither of you were answering your messages. With the clock ticking close to Midnight, you all head to Zen’s place to celebrate.

To get this ending just be super supportive of Zen!

Normal Ending 1

April DLC Mystic Messenger Normal Ending 1.png

To be honest not much happens in the first normal ending. Zen still wakes up from his dream, but the RFA hasn’t really organised anything for him. He’s still a little bit confused. It was quite a bland ending and didn’t even have a CG!

To get this ending keep teasing Zen!

Normal Ending 2

RIP MY HEART OUT! *Sobs uncontrollably*. In Normal Ending 2, Zen realises that you and him are stuck in different dimensions. That is, he kind of realises that he’s inside your phone. He tells you that he’ll always love you, and promises that he’ll always be waiting for you. Whenever you are sad you can visit him, and he’ll cheer you up.

To get this ending you have to support Zen but also hint to him that he is in another dimension

April DLC Mystic Messenger Normal Ending 2

So on that awful note, thank you for reading and I hope you found this post useful.


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  1. I can’t get normal ending 2 no matter what i do, i play soooo many times and follow the guide or walkthrough but i can’t. What should i do,please help me.

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