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Lost Alice: A Sweet Night with My Love

‘Lost Alice: A sweet night with my love’ is the newest spin off from the Shall we date? company! You choose to go with one of the babes to five exciting destinations. The stories also come with a special collaboration event , which ends on the 9 May, where you can another special image of each babe. The story event ends on the 21 May, however if you want to get the special pictures, you have to finish both endings for your babe before the 6 May! Time is very short on this event. If you complete both endings (even after the early bird deadline of 9 May) you get a special outfit.  This event also uses the blue gems, so make sure you have some stocked up! I also reckon that to get through one guy’s story, once could take about 12-15 tickets.

Also I’m very sorry I haven’t been updating the blog as usual, my cat screwed my laptop up, so have to use the library computers >_<! 

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Special: The Sweetest Pleasure Spin Off

A Sweet Night with my Love Spin Off

Luke Estheim – Land of Mermaids

Lost Alice Mermaid.jpg

Luke and you begin planning an exciting adventure together. You end up deciding to visit the ‘Land of Mermaids’. When you arrive, the mermaids suggest that you come back at night to see something beautiful. In the mean time you and Luke explore the town, where he buys you a beautiful accessory. Later that night you return to the lagoon, and it’s glowing!

Sweet Night Ending

Lost alice sweet.jpg

In the ‘sweet night ending’, after visiting the mermaids, you and look return to your room. There you begin to brush your hair and muse that you wish you had the beautiful hair of a mermaid. Luke tells you that he loves your hair and begins to kiss it. You blush and tell him that you’d rather he kisses you on the lips. The two of you look out the window at the beautiful changing colours of the lagoon. The next morning you have to leave, but promise to go on another adventure together soon.

Souvenir Ending

Lost Alice souvenir.jpg

In the ‘Souvenir ending’ you and Luke return back to Wonderland, with presents for everyone. Dee and Dum get some great stuff, and Sidd gets some alcohol, everyone is really happy. You and Luke promise to go on another adventure sometime soon.

Kyle Knock- Land of Faeries

Lost Alice Kyle Knock night with my sweet lover.png

After seeing a fairy flying around town, Kyle suggests the two of you visit the ‘Land of Faeries’. On your trip over you have lunch and Kyle tells you to be careful of the tricks Faeries play. Once you arrive, after chatting with the faeries, they invite you to fly with them. One of the faeries takes a special interest in you, and tries to convince you to become a fairy. As you begin to reject the offer, the pixie dust wears off and you begin to fall to the ground. Luckily, Kyle is there to save you! The fairy sees how in love the two of you are, and demands a show of affection.

Sweet Night Ending

Lost Alice kyle sweet.png

Kyle leans in to kiss you, and the two of you share a very passionate kiss. Later that evening, you retire to your room, and excitedly discuss the events of the day. Kyle tells you that while he wasn’t worried about you becoming a fairy, he realised he would never want you apart from him.

Souvenir Ending

Kyle Knock Night with my sweet lover souvenir ending.png

In the Souvenir ending, the faeries see Kyle kissing you and decide they want a kiss too. They chase you and Kyle all day. When you finally land they unleash a surprise attack and kiss you on your cheek. Once they’re gone, Kyle admits how jealous he was, and kisses you.

Owen Chester – Hinomoto

Owen Chester a Sweet Night with my lover early bird image.jpg

Owen tells you that he can have a few days off to go on a holiday with you. He gives you a book filled with different destinations to choose from. You choose the land of ‘Hinomoto’ which was the inspiration for the storybook ‘the land of wah’. Once you arrive you find out that there’s a festival going on, you and Owen are eager to participate. You quickly buy a kimono and have a fantastic time going through the festival – eating cotton candy, fishing for the little goldfish etc.

Sweet Night Ending

Owen Chester Sweet Night.jpg

After seeing the fireworks display you and Owen return to your room. There you tell him about your visit to the onsen, and he asks you to come with him. The two of you begin flirting in the hot spring. After that, you return to your room to sleep. You wake up groggy the next morning, and Owen tells you that you can sleep in. He asks you whether you prefer to sleep in Hinomoto or the Chess Kingdom and you reply it doesn’t matter as long as he sleeps next to you.

Souvenir Ending

Owen Chester Night with My lover.jpg

In the souvenir ending, you and Owen return back to the Chess Kingdom, and begin to distribute the presents to everyone. They clearly enjoy all the sweets and green tea you brought back. Owen promises you that the next time you go on a trip together, it’ll be for your honeymoon.

Sidd Rex – Luna Town

Sidd Rex a sweet night with my lover early bird image.jpg

In Sidd’s Adventure story, he asks you if you’d like to visit his hometown. You’re very excited and the two of you quickly go on your way. While you explore the town, some of Sidd’s friends appear. They tell you that the moon ceremony is happening tonight but the moon may be hidden by clouds. Sidd jokingly talks about an old story about a girl with moon coloured hair bringing the moon out. Everyone gets excited and asks you to participate in a ceremony.

Sweet Night Ending

Sidd Rex sweet night .jpg

In the Sweet Night Ending, after the ceremony, Sidd takes you away. You’re at a secret area with a perfect view of the moon, when Sidd asks you to marry him. You immediately say yes and return to his room to celebrate. The next day you have to leave, but you tell him you’d like to return, and maybe even build a house together there.

Souvenir Ending

Sidd rex souvenir ending.jpg

The day after the ceremony the villagers come to you bearing gifts. They give you all sorts of moon inspired foods, and jokingly tell you that if you get tired to Sidd to go to them. Sidd proclaims he’ll keep you interested and gives you a big kiss.

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  1. Hello, I just have a question and i’m can’t seem to find an answer anywhere I look. I’m trying to read through some of the spin off stories and I only ever get the one ending. How do I go about accessing the second ending for the spin off stories? I’m trying to get the souvenir ending for the sweet night with my love spin off. Help, please?

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    1. Hi there! So for each ending you need special clothing to unlock. So once you get to the final choice there should be an arrow which you can navigate to see which outfit you want to buy to get which end. For the current spin off if you go to ‘save big’ (the shopping cart) you can buy the outfits for both end and get some extra dresser space. Hope this helps! If it’s still not working send me an email and I’ll send you some screenshots :)!


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