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Princess To Be (DeareaD. Otome) – First Impressions

‘Princess to Be’ is a new Otome game by DeareadD.Inc. You may remember DeareaD from my first impressions post on ‘Otome of Ikemen Cafe‘! They are a relatively new otome company, that creates very high quality romance visual novels. Just like ‘Otome of Ikemen Cafe’, ‘Princess to Be’ has a very unique story line. You have been locked up inside your home by your father for 5 years. One day a knight appears and takes you to a royal castle. There you find out that you must pretend to be the country’s princess!

The Guys

Alex Rhondhurd Princess to be.jpg

Luca Lindberg Princess to be .jpg

Dennis Sakuraba Princess to be.jpg


This game is completely free, and each day you can read 5 ‘chapters’, Gems reset at midnight, or you can watch a video to recover a ‘gem’ (3 times a day). Just like in ‘Ikemen cafe’, the video option doesn’t work for me. Just like ‘Ikemen cafe’ there is also a loading screen between chapters, which will take you back to the home screen. Gameplay would be more enjoyable if you could just go from chapter to chapter, rather than continually being redirected back to home.

Despite these minor issues I am quite excited to start playing this game. The graphics are lovely, and the guys seem very interesting. One thing I do really appreciate in an otome game is the attention to detail. In this game the music changes, the background images are incredible and there are little to no translation errors! It’s definitely at the same level of ‘Voltage’ and ‘NTT Solmare’ company games! I highly recommend all otome game bloggers and players keep an eye out for this fantastic otome company!

The game is available on the Google Play store and the Apple store

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