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My Devil Lovers (Otome) – First Impressions

‘My Devil Lovers’ is Genius Inc’s latest otome game. I know after my catastrophe with Omnibus Princess I said I would never play another Genius Inc game again. But the story line for this one just got me hooked! They also seem to have changed the ending ticket scenario to either just a regular ticket, or collecting some gems? Furthermore, the game is a joint enterprise with Panda Graphics, with two companies working on the game, it should be good! Right!? Any-who overall it looked kind of promising, and for a free app I figured I would give it another shot. The concept of this game is ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ with the four romance able boys representing pride, wrath, sloth and lust.

My Devil Lovers Genius Inc Lucius.jpg

You work as a up and coming photographer. One day after work you wander into a mysterious bookstore, and become immediately draw to a strange book. You take it home and see it’s all about blood sacrifices and making a contract with the devil! Spooked you go to sleep, but are woken by two demons arguing about who you should choose to make your contract. The two devils warn you not to go outside until you’ve made a contract as an angel will be hunting you. You think you’re just having a nightmare, but the next day at work things take a turn for the worst. You’re constantly having near death experiences! The angel continues to hunt you, until you’re finally pushed into a corner. The devils tell you to choose one of them to make a contract with and the one you choose will protect you!

My Devil lovers otome angel

Overall I am quite intrigued with the story. The guys in this game are all my type, and I have to say the design is a real step up for Genius Inc. I have noticed that some of the background images are not quite up to scratch, and don’t really match the guy’s designs. I wonder if later in the story there will be better images. Each day Genius Inc provides the player with 2 free story tickets, because routes usually take about 30-40 tickets, it may take me a while to finish writing up all the reviews & walkthroughs. I will try to get them done ASAP though! You can help by donating through my Patreon so I can try to buy the stories instead 🙂

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The Devils~

My Devil Lovers Genius Inc Gray Asmodeus

My Devil lovers Genius Inc Lucius R Leon.jpg

My Devil Lovers Otome Bell.jpg

My Devil Lovers Genius Inc Otome Mitsuki.jpg


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