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V Route is Postponed

About a month ago I posted the exciting news that Cheritz has announced a new route for V! For the last month, fans have been excitedly checking their apps, waiting for V’s appearance. However, today Cheritz announced that the V route will be delayed until September. While this delay is disappointing for fans, Cheritz explained that they wanted to “complete the content to perfection”. So we can’t really blame them for wanting to release their best work. I’m actually very glad that Cheritz has decided to hold back the route until it is ready, I remember my biggest complaint about the Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC was the very poor translations, as I believed that they had rushed it to release.

To ‘compensate’ fans the team has released V’s opening route video. The video heavily features Rika, perhaps dismissing fan theories that the new route will appear in an alternate universe where Rika and V never meet. As the new route is called ‘Mystic Messenger: Another story’, and that Rika’s voice actress is singing the duet with V’s voice actor, I am thinking the route will solely focus on them. I am thinking Cheritz may have create a route where Rika and V can ‘redo’ their relationship to have a happily ever after. To be honest, if this is the case I would not be very excited for it. I feel a route with MC and V, with MC helping V with his grief, and health issues may be a bit more interesting. It may even be interesting to have a ‘redemption’ story with Rika, as V and her reconcile but realise they can no longer be together and V finds true happiness with MC. I just don’t really see the point of ‘going back in time’ to re-do their relationship. Furthermore, I feel one of the biggest drawing cards of ‘Mystic Messenger’ is being able to play as yourself. If I had to play as Rika I don’t think it would be such a innovative and immersive experience.

From the video above, what do you think V’s route will be like? 

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