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Monster’s First Love (Otome) ~ First Impressions

‘Monster’s First Love’ is the latest game by Dearead. Dearead has recently been powering through otome games, releasing six since it began in March this year!. Just like their previous games, Monster’s first love is completely free to play and is based on a ticket system. While I am enjoying the game, I don’t think I will be writing any walkthroughs, I’ve noticed a few other bloggers have started writing them.

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The game introduces us to our 18 year old MC who is keen to help out at her mother’s shop. Her mother finally relents and takes her to the store, but what MC doesn’t know is that the store caters to non-humans. The mother leaves MC alone and MC is suddenly introduced to a vampire, a king and a werewolf! As if that wasn’t confusing enough, the mother decides that the three of them should live at their house! It’s a bit of a whirlwind prologue.

Unfortunately my critiques of Dearead games remain the same time and time again. The chapters are very short and the loading time to get back from reading the chapter to the main screen to back to reading is ridiculous. You pretty much read a few sentences, spend a minute looking at a loading screen, click ‘continue’, another minute a loading screen, rinse and repeat. It makes the playing experience quite tedious which is a shame for a game that is so well crafted.

I hope that I will continue to play this one, the previous games I had dropped because of the issue with loading. I am particularly interested in the ‘King’ character. Another point that I enjoy about Dearead games is that while each game only has 3 character they’re all very diverse and unique.  That’s it from me, have a lovely eek everyone!

The Guys

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