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How to Get Prisms in ‘Uta no Prince Sama ~ Shining Live’

Since ‘Shining Live’s’ global release happened at the beginning of the year, the global game has had over three million downloads. If you need a quick rundown on the game, you can read my intro post over here. One part of the game focuses on collecting ‘prisms’ to do ‘photoshoots’ which essentially act as gacha rolls. You can spend 30 prisms for a single roll or 300 to get 11 pictures, the pictures can range from rare to ultra rare showcasing one of the 11 boys. As such, prisms are coveted above all else. I thought I’d write this guide on the best ways to get prisms and to save your prisms! If you have any of your own tips please comment down below and I’ll add them in :)! 


Shining Live weekly missions.jpeg

It’s so important to log in everyday on Shining Live, even if it is just to get the prisms. First up is the ‘log in’ bonus which can include gems, coins or prisms, on the last day of a fortnight you can spin to get up to 50 prisms. Furthermore logging in a certain number of times counts towards your weekly mission, logging in 3 times and 5 times nets you about 5 prisms each, You must also take advantage of watching the three ads, the first two gifts are LP points but the third one is 5 prisms. Just by spending 1.5 minutes each day you can get at least 45 prisms a week!

Cards – Level Up & Stories!

Remember when you first started the game and you got those random normal cards? Yep, the ones you’ve never looked at again. Well, if you level them up to level 20 you receive 20 prisms. That’s 220 prisms the game has give you for free! As mentioned in the community tips, each card can also be max levelled for prisms but you’ll need to combine 4x copies of the card, and max level that. It can only be done once per card.

Shining Live weekly missions.jpeg

Each time you get a card, you should also unlock the ‘story’ from its moments. Each time you read a story chapter (for the first time) you receive 5 prisms! This is also the same when you read the ‘main’ story!

Play the Songs!

UtaPri Shining Live Song Target Prisms Guide.jpeg

Each song contains ‘song targets’ for Score, Combo and Completion Count. Each time you achieve the target you receive one prism, so for each song you can receive 12 prisms per difficulty. If you clear a song on ALL difficulties that’s 48 prisms.

Participate in Events

UtaPri Shining Live Event Rankings.jpegEvents come every second week, and have 10 story episodes. To unlock all episodes you need to get 66,000 points, over 7 days, that’s less than 10,000 a day. Once you’ve unlocked and read all the stories, guess what? You’ve got 5 prisms per episode = 50 prisms!  On top of that by participating in the event you go into rankings. Even being in the bottom tier (100%) you still get 20 gems from the game. If you do get the 66,000 points you should at least make it to the 60% mark which is 50 gems! Furthermore, if you pass 66,000 points every second reward is 10 gems!

UtaPri Shining Live Event Rewards.jpeg

Don’t Try to Get Best Boy

I know, I know, this tip is almost sacrilege. But gacha games are 100% built on your devotion to ‘best boy’.  With their limited time photoshoots, they pretty much count on you going all out with your prisms to get best boy (especially if best boy is the UR). Personally, rather than aiming for best boy, each time a new photoshoot comes out I just aim to get at least one of the new cards.  That way, I’m not disappointed when Tokiya that stupid beautiful boy doesn’t come home, and I don’t spend 600+ prisms trying to get him!

UtaPri Fantasy Circus Shining Live Prism Guide.jpeg


I’ll admit, I’ve bought prisms. I know in free to play games there’s a bit of a stigma of throwing your money away when you pay for stuff. But I like to think of it as you are supporting the company. However I will suggest that if you do buy prisms wait for sales. They come pretty much every second week, for example during Valentine’s they had 30 prisms for $1.50 (Aus). That’s not an insane amount of money for me and I got 2 single pulls from it.

I hope this has been helpful to anyone playing Shining Live. Prisms are like the life blood of shining live fans and while they’re reasonably easy to collect, they can be gone in an instant with a pretty photoshoot. As I mentioned above, if you have your own tips or tricks please comment down below!

Community Tips~!

Pupelarajaka (Reddit)

  • Don’t forget that you can get 20 prisms from max levelling ANY card, not just normals. as long as the card is max vored and max levelled.
  • Also you get (iirc) 10 prisms for every 10 posters unlocked.

Loisette (Reddit)

  • While playing events use Team Builder and Efficiency Calculator to maximize amount of event points you get because it also means maximizing the amount of prisms you can get.
  • Bond milestones give prisms as well (can’t really tell you the exact number but now for me reaching bond level 80 gives me 20 prisms) You can get 21 bond points every hour just by tapping the idol three times in the portrait mode so do that if you can.
  • Don’t scout in the regular photo shoot gacha. You will be getting cards available there by scouting in the limited boxes anyway.
  • All of the cards from a specific set have the same skill (like stamina notes, cut-in score bonus etc). If you don’t need Bad>Good cards don’t scout in those boxes (unless you really love the theme I guess).
  • Instead of scouting for the best boy, try to get to the 220k points in his events. You are guaranteed the UR and with free LP it should be less costly than scouting for him. You can also try to balance out your teams by going for the cards of specific attributes etc.
  • Don’t rage scout. If you’ve promised yourself that you can only scout two times in this box don’t scout the third time because the previous pulls were bad.
  • Obvious ones: don’t solo and don’t unlock moment tiles with prisms.

Niki_Lia (Reddit)

  • Also avoid individual photos, always do the 11-photo pull, you save 30 prisms and have at least guaranteed one SR card



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3 thoughts on “How to Get Prisms in ‘Uta no Prince Sama ~ Shining Live’

  1. Nice list!

    Yeah it can be so easy to just blow all your prisms away in a flash. The key is self-control. Gacha is gambling, so you need to find your inner zen lol. It’s good to take a minute to decide, before spending prisms, what your limit is. And stick to it. Wait a few days before deciding to either try again or not. So far Utapri gacha usually runs for about 2 weeks, so there is still time!

    Enjoy the gamble for the sake of gamble, and don’t be too crushed when you don’t pull your favorite photo. Sometimes that’s easier said than done though. ^^;; Thinking about what you want to save your prisms for in the future can help you make the most of them.

    I also buy a few prisms, but not a lot. I want to support the developer, but I also enjoy the gacha. I even enjoy it when I don’t pull the photo I want. 🙂

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    1. It really is, for last month’s circus theme I spent 900 prisms in 5 minutes, I just was so anxious to get a good card. That’s definitely a good mind set to have, I’ll have to try and find my inner zen at some point, I still rage quit occasionally when I do a 300 prism pull and only get 1 SR 😛


  2. Hello! I would just like to ask how do you unlock posters? I’m fairly new and though I get most of it, I just can’t seem to find out how to unlock them. Thank you!


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