Support Me

If you’d ever like to throw a couple dollars my way to help the site, it’d be much appreciated. The easiest way to show your support for Two Happy Cats is to turn off ad blockers. Two Happy Cats is part of the WordAds program, and anytime an ad is viewed I get a very very small commission, the ads won’t be pop ups, they’ll appear at the bottom of the post like so…

Wordpress ad example

Another way to support me is by using my affiliate links! Buying through an affiliate link is no extra cost to you. When you buy the product a small part of its total goes towards me. For example, if you purchase a product for $30, I might get $1.50 from that. It’s a small amount but any little bit helps out! My current affiliate links are through:

MangaGamer : A visual novel localisation and distribution company. They have a growing library of Boys Love and Otome games. Please note that site is R18 and not safe for work.

YumeTwins: YumeTwins is a kawaii monthly subscription box, all items are official and licensed. You can read my review of the box over here.

The final, and probably the most direct way to support me is by buying me a ‘coffee’. Ko-fi is a perfectly safe site where you can donate $3 towards creators.  If there is a special post you’d like to see on my blog, or a walkthrough you’d like me to do (or do faster), buying me a coffee and mentioning it in the message is a sure-fire way to get it done!