Hello, and welcome to ‘Two Happy Cats’!

Two Happy Cats began in September 2015 under the name ‘Kuro Sama Reviews’. I had just come back from a semester exchange in the UK and unfortunately was struggling to readjust to life back in Australia. I wanted to find a way not only to connect with new people but also express myself. A friend in the UK started sharing her own blog posts on WordPress, and I thought ‘why not try out blogging’? The blog originally started off with posts on anything and everything. From a review of the latest ‘Mission Impossible’ film to some really obscure horror manga.

In 2016, my blog took an entirely new direction. Not only had I adopted another cat, thus introducing the name change, I also gained a keen interest in otome games. My blog became more stream-lined focusing mainly on Japanese anime and games. In November 2017, I made my name change official by registering a domain!


Now, five years after starting it’s incredible to think of all the wonderful and exciting things that have happened with this blog. Here’s to many more years of Two Happy Cats!

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68 thoughts on “About

      1. You’re welcome! 😊 Your site is really informative. Korea is one of the places I’d like to go if conditions allow. So atleast I’ve got your blog to stalk for the time being. 😃

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      2. Waa. You’ll be the one of the first people to know of it. I promise. Haha. But I guess that’s still a long way from now. Sigh.

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  1. Hi there! I wanted to thank you for being so active between here and twitter with my blog! It’s really inspired me to keep going knowing that someone is enjoying what I have to say! I love your posts as well and can’t wait to read more ^^


    1. That’s okay and thank you! I really love your blog posts, they’re always very fun and insightful 🙂 I’m glad to help, I’ve been blogging for about a year and sometimes blogging can be the best thing ever, and other times a bit of a drag. Let’s keep working at it together :D!


  2. Your blog is definitely amazing!

    I LOVE otome games as well, and I can’t wait to read through some of your posts! I’ve already skimmed, so once I get a chance, I’ll definitely look more into it!

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