Below are some of my favourite bloggers – please check out their blogs and give them some love :)!

かわいいじゃなきゃダメなの! : My favourite post from herotome shopping guide which has everything you need to know about buying games online on Japanese sites.

Joker’s Otome Reviews: The blog is a great mixture of game and merchandise reviews.  My favourite post is their review of the Saint Germain Character CD over here!

Nice Job Breaking it, Hero:  My favourite posts by Naja are her Fangirl Friday moments, you can check out her most recent Fangirl Friday here!

Oh! Otome: A very exciting new otome blog, Elle is currently working on Amnesia Memories walkthroughs

Otome Otaku Girl: Otome Otaku girl’s blog includes fan art, otome riddles & puzzles and of course lots and LOTS of walkthroughs! I honestly mean it when I say her walkthrough list is awe inspiring. You can check out the full list (and her wonderful blog) over here!

Otome Sweetheart: Otome Sweetheart is my go-to blog for all otome news and updates! The blog shows information for big commercial companies but also info on Indie games, many of which I wouldn’t have heard about if not for her! She also has a fantastic wordpress blog where she writes reviews of routes, demos and games. Go check both her sites out!

Otome Tantei:My favourite post is her 7’Scarlet review which you can check out here!

Yahari Bento: Yahari writes a combination of reviews and in-depth analysis, you can read one of their great analysis’s here.